Autumn 1 : ripening

Staggered off under our season’s pile (Late summer completion),
the metal gates of time shunts usAut 1 Apr16
into our autumn ripening,
cast forwards, up and across (to the right);
finality of the harvest draws near

(Autumn : element – metal;
organs – Lung, Large Intestine;
emotions – sadness, letting go)

Be broad, expansive
beyond melancholy, reach
the presence of who encompasses
our here and now that crinkle (autumn ripening)
against the memories past;
ripen in your relation with your whole
(who is) present in the present always

The present carries
our state and condition
colours our here and now
determines our destinyAut 1 Apr16 b

Trauma shocks
but the mundane sets
as it was
isolated within our whole
as it happened
to me

Whole being alive
present in the present
through the seasons year in and out,
who was conceived and born
grows old and will die,
present in the present
encompassing our past, origin
here and now and future

Can we relate as a part
with anything but our whole?

Can we be anything but a part
except in ignorance of our whole
and in denial of our truth, of being a part?

Yet the whole does allow us
to think and feel
as if we do things and exist,
except when we stop;
then we know
we’ve been lost.
and it’s from our whole

Slow down in emptiness, settle in silence
beyond space and distance
our whole being abides always;
learn to be a part always

X Y 2

Y am I ? – X
Y are you ? – XX

Is Y not needed,
or Y missing in XX ?

the opposites of a species
that ask why miss match
that answer in syntax and symbols
mix and match

within a whole being who
encompasses our all
including our X and Y genes
one pairing or mixing of 23

we are
as an identity
a part
of a whole being
who is gendered (he or she for most, according to X and Y genes)
beyond our sense of self, identity, being and our world
and encompassing of them, that make up our reality,
as parts of his or her whole.

“Orientation” – we as self and identity, together with the rest of  our reality and including the world (and others) we may experience, are a part of our whole self, created by our whole and projected, through the brain and spine, by him or her. We exist in reality in our actuality as a projected part of our whole being, who is in and of reality.