X Y 2

Y am I ? – X
Y are you ? – XX

Is Y not needed,
or Y missing in XX ?

the opposites of a species
that ask why miss match
that answer in syntax and symbols
mix and match

within a whole being who
encompasses our all
including our X and Y genes
one pairing or mixing of 23

we are
as an identity
a part
of a whole being
who is gendered (he or she for most, according to X and Y genes)
beyond our sense of self, identity, being and our world
and encompassing of them, that make up our reality,
as parts of his or her whole.

“Orientation” – we as self and identity, together with the rest of  our reality and including the world (and others) we may experience, are a part of our whole self, created by our whole and projected, through the brain and spine, by him or her. We exist in reality in our actuality as a projected part of our whole being, who is in and of reality.


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