What I’ve worked out of the human condition

I’ll start with the Central Nervous System. You may be familiar with the idea that the brain creates, or at least is involved in creating, what we experience. Vision for example, is understood to be put together in the brain, from information received by the eyes, and “projected” for us to experience.

But what about our self, having the experience?

Many, including scientists and philosophers, find it difficult to accept the self being made by the brain. Some may even question the brain creating what we experience. Here, I’d like to point out that there is no brain without a whole being.

We can then consider the whole being as the creator of our reality.

It means our reality, which includes our self, is created by our whole and projected through the CNS. As projection, we are a part of our whole being.

We tend to think “I’m it” and “that’s the world out there”, that we are the definitive entity and the world we experience is reality. Of courese, we function well enough in this normal way. Yet there’s also a sense of incompleteness or that there must be more. Certainly there’s uncertainty, and plenty of occasions and reasons for anxiety or depression.

I do not wish to deny anything of our self and what we experience, outside and within. But a part is simply invalid, apart from it’s whole. We are displaced from our whole in being projected, and isolated from our whole within projection as we identify in our self and with what we experience.

I insist that our reality is a projected part. All that can be of our reality, of conscious experience and self, is projection. Unless we learn to be a part of who encompasses our all, we remain isolated in our part, lost from our whole. All directions are in vain, as we grasp at fleeting moments in avoidance of this, our truth.

In ouractuality”, the existence of our reality as projection, we can be a part of our whole being.

I have tried to establish the steps towards our being in relation with our whole.

In a word, the theory is projection.
Part theory – in our projected actuality we may be “in relation with” our whole.
Whole body method – we can refer to (core), contemplate (who must be there), commune with (Nothingness), connect with (projects), consider (the sum of and who sums) the whole. Meditation; posture/exercise; spirit/whole being.

1 Actuality – there is our actuality, our existence as projection.

2 Whole being – is in and of reality, and creates our reality and projects it through the Central Nervous System

3 How we are shaped or structured in our actuality goes hand in hand with what happens – isolation from our whole to integration as a part, as we “place” our self and our reality in our shaped actuality in relation with our whole.

4 What to do – our part to play as a part : Promote our part towards becoming more and actuality, so as to be “presentable”. Promote the whole being in reality physically, so that there is something of our whole for us to be “received” by. In our isolation we must make effort (to promote our part and our whole), but then stop (because we are a limited part), to introduce the whole being beyond our self and limited reckoning and efforts (“winch” – promote, stop, refer to our whole, repeat).

5 What it is all about – become more a part, our whole becomes more complete. Godly being of reality, spirited at core (unconditional love, God presence), encompassing our all (our self and others, near and far, and of all times and places we may sense or be in touch with).

References for the whole being:
– CNS : level, domed and split brain; vertical spine; even nerve roots. Goes with a “complete” (with integrating parts) whole being in alignment with gravity, horizon and the zenith.

– Nothingness : The absence of the whole being and reality from our projected reality. Though even this sense may be projected but Nothingness itself is the whole being who encompasses and permiates our reality of conscious experience and self.

– Core : the reference for the whole being, of whom his or her soild body and organs, as well as projection are parts. Other end is the clue.

– Notion to contemplate : The whole being who must be there, in and of reality. More than the sum of the parts. Alive as a part of reality, next to other whole beings. Who must be breathing, doing, alive, being of reality.

– focused : breath, one point, self, whole self, god, a sense, here and now, circle, mirror, light, candle light, movement, uprightness, a direction, numbers.

– mindful observance : allow for conscious experience and self (our reality) to settle as is, into their depth.

– actuality : the matter in fact of our existence as projected in space, including the witness and the layers of disassociation towards our subconscious, our outside and inside worlds, the existence of things and the presence of others within them, the conscious, depths, “other side” and “other end”.

– whole being : refer, contemplate, consider, commune, connect (Whole body method).

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