Wrapped within our whole

the world is unto itself a miracle
we exist as a part in our self
free and independent
together as a part

what is our place
or where is our place
– our part to play or be
are we free
do we have a choice
can we be a part of our whole being real

such is life
we search for life
missing our whole being alive
in our place as a part
we are free to return
in dependence of our whole
independent as a part

set by other parts
drawn by many possibilities
locked in a world afforded by others
only our whole
encompass all
he permeates as well our all

love and compassion
he is more than their sum
place with him all that are parts
what we may emulate, reach for or depend on
all directions, realms and processes
we may experience and encounter

godly being of reality
the creator of our reality
for being a part of reality
spirited at core with the essence one
of the entirety of reality and his whole being
we and our worlds are parts

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