Exhibition details

Art exhibition : “Orientation – the cognitive part”
Sept 6th-11th
Stirrup Gallery 142 Addison Road Marrickville

The human condition is presented in its fundamental form and manifestation.”

Our reality is created by our whole being and projected through the Central Nervous System (brain and spine). We are displaced from our whole in being projected. Further, we are normally isolated from our whole being as we identify, within our projected reality, in our self and with what we experience.

I depict and represent how we exist, as a part of a whole being of reality rather than in isolated experiences by which the self regards the world and others. I hope to draw the viewer toward a sense of their own part, which implies their whole.

There’s a whole being of reality who is missing from our reality.
Yet, we are a part of our whole, projected through
the Central Nervous System.

We can approach our being a part, and thereby insist on our whole.

More on fb https://www.facebook.com/events/279736475739567/
           web site http://www.gendohcr.com/#!events/lttyy
           gallery  http://www.arcco.org.au/stirrup-gallery/whats-on/

Opening night : 6:30pm Thr 8th Sept
Daily presentations during the exhibition :
From our isolating identification in our self and with what we experience, we may capture ourselves in space and regard our whole being, so as to be in relation with our whole as a part.”

Takashi will be available for a 45min presentation on the “human condition and reality” during his exhibition. It will include a brief on being a projected part of our whole self, a meditative journey into the very make-up of our reality, and an approach to our being in relation with our whole.

  Presentation times :
Tue 6th      10:30am      2:30pm          –
Wed 7th          –              2:30pm      7pm
Thr  8th     10:30am           –         “Opening night” 6:30pm
Fri  9th           –               2:30pm      7pm
Sat 10th    10:30am      2:30pm          –
Sun 11th   10:30am           –             7pm

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