Quantum, Relativity and Gendo Orientation’s Part theory

Like an electron
in an electron cloud (analogy projection)
in an atom (whole).

Like a galaxy
amongst so many,
of the vast visible universe
that disappears into the distant past,
of the tangible
that is space-time warping (analogy projection),
which is a part of the whole universe (whole)
that must contain dark matter and energy
perhaps within its space-time fabric.

We, a part
wee part of projection
that is a part of our whole being.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts.

A “godly” being of creation
includes our self as self and identity,
our conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious,
projection, including our sense of body and life,
and real body
as parts,
and is more than their sum, our whole.

A billiard ball amonst many
that is a part of a billiard set.
We must ask, who holds the cue?
serves and pays for the drinks?

A planet amongst many
that is a part of a solar system.
We must ask, who is keeping watch?
holds and keeps the watch and
the clock of time and light?

A water molecule amongst many
that is a part of a misty cloud.
We must ask, who gathers us around
the mountain and of what or who is the mountain
a part of.
tt 29th October 2016

Quantum and projection

There’s a godly being of reality
who is the maker of our actuality;
we exist as a part of this whole being
in and as his or her projection
projected through the brain and spine (CNS or Central Nervous System).

Together with and within our reality
we are projected, our self and what we experience,
through the CNS by our whole;
our whole is more than the sum
of his or her projected and solid-body parts.

Now of reality :

Einstein theorised and formulated for
a constant that binds shifting frames;
causality has a speed observed
in relative frames of reference constant
through the geometric fabric of space-time.

Matter, gravity and energy
is wrapped in it, it seems;
till we go beyond dimensions far and small
where matter is shattered in black holes
and with nuclear reactions in our bombs reactors and accelerators.

Matter and energy play out their existence
as sub-atomic particles
we measure the effects of;
with radiation traces we guess probable
their statistical place and certain entanglement (causal association beyond space-and-time).

But also within our reality that is projection :

There’s where we determine what we experience
this or that in the space-and-time Newtonian grid;
there’s where we sift through threads split and splayed, the fraying fabric of space-time held
constant by the witness, through our shifting frames of reference;
and where, in our very existence as projected actuality, our probable nature is set certain
through an other in entanglement.

Indignation this interdependence
paired entangled, when determined
easily convinced because isolated
fear of contradiction unless denied
flight/fight trigger set from our whole;
friend or foe, love and hate, certain confusion the closer we get
to associated other, within or out.

Actuality is our connection to
our whole being of reality.
Beyond being determined
definitive in context, set
relative in face of the witness, deemed
probable as quantum parcel entangled against the other,
approach being projection your part and the other.

Then, in your actuality, your existence infarct as projection,
contemplate your whole
connect through projection
commune as a part;
to be in relation with is more than the sum of these steps,
the whole is more than the sum of projected and solid-body parts,
and reality, of which our whole is of, is more than the sum of quantum and space-time aspects.


All be it indirectly from our whole being‘s eyes and other sense organs, we are given an experience that is an indication of the “phenomenal aspects of reality”, the aspects of reality that our whole self is sensitive to according to his or her sense organs. (Link to blog the “phenomenal aspects of reality” 

Our whole “sees” the light (and projects our experience of vision for us to think that we see) that bounces off the surface of things in the real world that are not too small. Sub-atomic particles are too small for this. En mass and intensity they can split atoms, damage genes and cells and burn tissue. Depending on how they are “observed”, their existence is indicated by their radiation or by the mark left after their passage, say through a sensitive film that leaves a hole, mark or a picture of where they were.

The existence if small particles is uncertain in our space-and-time references, and they seem to “jump” through them; I think the things that “move” at the speed of causality (= C, also “happens to be” the speed of light, other electro-magnetic waves, sub-atomic particles/radiation and gravitational waves) exist in space-time, in what may be considered the very fabric of the cosmos (and includes dark matter and energy, while matter and gravity are space-time’s warping).

Entanglement describes how associated particles are related across great distances the moment one of them is observed or determined in our space-and-time reference. I am considering our existence as projection includes the quantum state. It is a portion of the projected part of our whole being; who is more than the sum of projected and solid parts, and who, being of reality, is of the Newtonian, Insentience, the quantum and all and any other aspects of reality, but also more than their sum.

I think something like entanglement, also occurs in projection, in very familiar instances. When we communicate, it is with an another who invariably sees not him or her self but an image of the other’s whole being, and vice versa where we meet “entangled” as opposites in association over particular perspectives and contexts that, for our time together, determines one another in our projected realities. Empathy is a real thing in projection, of another’s sense projected by our whole. It is again, an association that determines one another. Intuitive sense seems to transcend the normally dominant cognitive boundaries in a less constrained flow or connection, an oneness where, in the analogy of the quantum world, our distances, time and identity join in space-time.

Smooth synchronised movements in dance, sports, martial arts, music but also any activity or work, requires an integration across different parts within an individual and with separate whole others that one may play with, hunt with, perform with etc. This association is stifled and blocked by the rigidity of our cognitive knowing. We are familiar with risking the seeming security of know-how‘s certainty and control, to allow and let go to or “go with” a greater flow we become a part of, whether in one’s being or in association with others.

In projection, we may traverse the determining references of our space-and-time, or, in our actuality as projection, be connected as if in space-time. Perhaps we may also understand in this way premonitions, telepathy etc. where the normal boundaries of time-and-place and identity seem transcended.

The theory and sense of quantum and the space-time continuum seem to reflect, as analogies, the actuality of our reality as projection and the “non-matter though from matter nature” of projection. Particular portions of projection include our sense of matter, as-well-as the frames of reference that determines things of matter. We are also projection, as self or identity observing the laws of Newtonian physics (of billiard balls and planets), in those things of matter and their references that are again also projection. They are parts of our projected reality that is consistent with space-and-time, a functional indication of such a world with our sense of being in it and its time, that is our here and now.

There’s a whole being of reality, present in the present, of whom here and now is a portion of his or her projected part. In our actuality as projection we occupy the “causal” fabric and substance of our projected reality, as if of space-time itself, or the very fabric of the cosmos, of which our space-and-time reference (here and now) is a warp of space-time (projection).

Reality is more than the sum of its quantum and Einstienian aspects. A quantum I think is of itself, a part of space-time which itself is a part of reality and cosmos that includes black holes, dark energy and matter, and beyond our universe. Within space-time, it travels/connects. In comparison, within projection, our witnessing is a constant set at the speed of causality = C in our space-and-time frames of reference. Our reality, is dominated by the indications of the world, moving in time through 3-D space with observer, us, as experiencer, before the witness.

Beyond our perspective and measure, the sequence unfolding, with film frame rate C, energy E, and heavy weigh m (mass) and gravity, set to a warp of space-time/projection. Lighten load float a vote for shifting frames of reference and preference. Introduce breadth and depth, breath and being, our conscious mind/experience and self witnessed, and other – the whole being encompasses projection and body, and being of reality, is more than the sum of quantum and relativistic aspects.

If we compare,the probability of our whole being’s existence is more remarkable of course, than non-living matter of atoms, en tropically, functionally and structurally speaking. The enormity of the integrity, of cells in themselves, their specialising into organs and their functions but also of a whole integrated and “stable” living whole being, is reflected in the richness of the qualities that determines our  self and our “countenances”. They are our “entangled other” and are projected parts of our whole being, normally in our subconscious and unconscious, and include our memories, dreaming, deeper feelings, instinctive and intuitive parts. Compared to these the qualities that are determining of sub-atomic particles and their entangled association with an other, is elemental, such as their spin.

To continue the analogy, while a sub-atomic particle is lost in space-time from its potential of being a part of a whole atom, we our selves as an identity, are lost in projection away from our whole, identified in our self and with what we experience. Our other, our countenances, are many for us, because we have identified with many things at many times. They build up in our subconscious as we continue to identify away from our whole.

Our whole should determine our existence and other parts for their being parts of the same whole. Be displaced from your experience, the life that you are having, distinct from people so you may join. Its not just all in the mind but your feelings and deepest being and sense of self, other and the world, are also there, for being parts of the same whole.

Our whole being is both of solid organs and projection. He or she is also more than their sum.

Within the projected part of our whole, is our reality.

We may be the billiard balls (Newtonian), before the reference of perspective, and manifest, in the experience, like matter and gravity within the warping of space-time, but in projection or actuality (our existence in fact, in space as projection, through the CNS by our whole). We can be the observer in our self having the experience, with shifting points of view and references (Relativity) but with a witness, which witnesses the observer or experiencer (that is us), what we experience and their frames of reference. The witness holds the constant C, seeing through and witnessing the depth of our relative time-and-space references (within which is perspective over the tangible world before it)

In our actuality, the witness is included/invited. It joins and enters the very fabric of projection as projection (in its actuality). Our parts connect with our whole as parts, through projection, in our/their actuality as projection. Being projected actuality is like being a quantum entity in space-time, the very fabric of our whole being who’s (projection’s) warp throws our reality of here and now and the tangible, that correspond to space-and-time and matter.

Physicists go beyond “the observer makes a difference” for sub-atomic particles that are displaced or altered with the act of observing them. Instead of attempting direct observations, laboratory apparatus use passive ways to monitor the quantum, such as to filter photons of a certain polarity, by which a relation between associated photons are demonstrated.

This relatedness seems to occur instantly across space-and-time, faster than the speed of causality, without being predetermined and at the instant of determination (by passive means).

Understanding this and its mechanism is the frontier of science. Consciousness and causality may have a speed that is measured in our references of space-and-time, but creation, or reality if in our minds we need no creator for creation, is there, in the instant, everywhere, is of space-time; reality is present in the present; our every where unfolding (space-and-time) is a “warped” projected part, of our whole being of reality; reality is more than the sum of its aspects we may recognise (quantum, relativistic, Newtonian, etc), try to understand and sense.

This perspective, over reality it self and our own projected reality of “conscious experience and self witnessed”, is afforded by “Orientation”. We do not exist in reality, our whole self does. We are a projected part of who is both body and projection, and more than their sum. We do not exist without our whole, but we may be lost in projection.

Like an electron of a electron cloud within an atom, we are a portion of a projected part of our whole. And our whole is like the universe for us, as an atom is for an electron in an electron cloud – our world extends and opens indefinitely, in different ways in different directions within a projected part of our whole being.

Our whole is beyond our projected part (transcendent) and yet he or she infuses it (immanent). We may become an integrating part, rather than isolated, and our whole becomes more integrated and complete with integrating parts. Our whole being “must be”, for our self and our reality to be projected parts. He or she must be also, a “godly being” for being of reality.

In our mind, we are causal. We have our whole as our creator and projector, and the conscious and witness are projected parts. Before them is our mind’s infinism, circularity, and foundationalism. (see Munchausen’s trilemma) that is a part of their sequence/causality.

As a part of our whole, we may be in association with our fellow parts, including our estranged entanglements or countenances. Free and independent as a part of, rather than in isolation from our whole, while set by our other and our not-s, displaced and distant, alienated or estranged, or not, but associated with them as parts, of our maker, our whole; we, in reality as parts, of our individual whole.

Finally, analogies were drawn here between the fields of physics that seem to correspond with the various aspects of our projected reality. Understanding the whole self provides what we experience of the world, from aspects of reality that he or she is sensitive to through his or her sense organs (“phenomenal aspects of reality”), lends insight into the activity of physics.

The Newtonian, Relativistic and quantum worlds exist in our actuality, as projected virtual versions of those aspects of reality. Physicists sense and try to understand them perhaps, those projected versions, and test their theories, of them, out on each other and in reality.

While reality is more than the sum of those aspects of reality grasped by the fields of physics, the whole self projects those aspects in accurate enough ways that the theories and formulas we form of them, work in reality, as we see our physics applied in experiments, test runs and industrial products.

Our philosophy and science can never be reality. We can grow beyond quantum and relativistic understanding of reality, only with our inclusion as a part and in relation with our whole, who is of reality. We can “orientate” with and distinguish our self and the whole self, our reality and reality, and come to recognise the relation between our reality and reality, through our being a part of our whole.

The physics is of our projected version of reality. Our understandings have has extended our sense to the atomic and the huge in time and space. They are true and their applications work within their fields. Our whole senses those aspects and projects versions of them for us to experience and think we sense. We’re in the head quarters that helps our whole function in reality.

AS to what “they” really do in head quarters ….. As much as they like to think they are in control, and know what’s going on, as if their fingers are on the pulse (in the pie, or between lips in their cheeks), at head quarters, who’s really in charge?

Our whole, if we understand being a part, and “play” our part.

There is reality it self. The whole body is of reality, and is more than the sum of our part and all that are parts of our individual whole.

the “phenomenal aspects of reality”

The phenomenal world is the world we may experience and try to understand. It is loosely referred to as “the world” and is usually synonymous with the “objective world”. Here, in this presentation, “world out there” is used and abbreviated as “wot”. The phenomenal world is also said to be what presents to “our” senses. However, the whole body has the eyes and other sense organs; we as an identity do not, but have just a sense or notion of eyes.

While we may think we sense things, all we ever do as an identity and self is experience, have an experience or be the experience-er. Our experiences allow us to think we sense and do things certainly, but it is the whole body or whole self who in reality does things, has the organs that sense, creates and, through the brain-spine or Central Nervous System (CNS), projects our reality, including our “sense of” doing things.

Though the phenomenal world usually refers to the outside world, our inner world may also be considered phenomena because it too is there for us to experience. Both our inner and outer experiences are parts of the whole self, created and projected by our whole with our self being the subject to what we experience being the object.

With outside and inside realms, our self between them (see “Knobbly join” and its Plaque “The wot and the wit, the self in between”), as well as the conscious, witness and our deeper being, our reality is “constructed” of incomplete parts, that must belong to a comprehensive whole. That comprehensive whole is our whole being of reality, who is also in reality.

Our theories and models of reality are derived, deduced and determined from the phenomenal world we may experience. Our phenomenal worlds are themselves based on information that presents to the whole body’s sense organs, of aspects of reality that the sense organs are sensitive to and register. They are the “phenomenal aspects of reality”.

Reality itself and things in and of reality are more than the sum of the “phenomenal aspects of reality”. Through the whole body, and his or her sense organs and CNS in particular, the world we may experience is formed as a virtual version from the “phenomenal aspects of reality”. Machines and probes maysense” things and amass information that we “physically” cannot (with the whole self’s sense organs), such as infra-red light (beyond our visual spectrum) or things of extremely large and small distances, sizes, time and weights. Such information however, remains to be of the “aspects of reality” that machines we design, rather than our sense organs, are sensitive to and register. With “more” information or data we may strengthen and, if necessary, correct our understandings, but we are only closer to reality with better theories and models (which can never be reality and are of our minds notion).

While we can only experience things that are in and of reality as they manifest in projection, as formed and presented by the whole self from their “phenomenal aspects”, the whole self is a special case of reality for us being his or her part, and our whole being being of reality. In our actuality, as a projected part of the whole self, we may consider our whole and our being in relation with him or her.

The “Knobbly join” knobbly join

7 Knobbly join

from recent exhibition

The depiction are of our projected actuality, our existence in fact as projection, as captured from behind. The head, neck and shoulders is an indication of the subtle sense of our whole being, which is subtle for us because we are in projection. It gives us more a sense of where we are, in our projected actuality, in relation to him or her.








The point, a line, perspective and context

The projected actuality of our cognitive part is depicted including perspective and context.

Depictions of our actuality can feed back our own actuality, our existence in fact as projected by our whole being. You will find nothing solid about our reality, because we are projection, projected by our whole self.

In our actuality, we may be in relation with our whole being, who for us as an identity is a subtle sense, again because we are in projection. The giff in the previous post (realityhc.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/elements/) includes an indication of the whole self who for us gives more a sense of where we are, in relation to our whole, on his or her right side.

For more on our actuality, the cognitive part and relation with our whole, see www.gendohcr.com/exhb1