Quantum, Relativity and Gendo Orientation’s Part theory

Like an electron
in an electron cloud (analogy projection)
in an atom (whole).

Like a galaxy
amongst so many,
of the vast visible universe
that disappears into the distant past,
of the tangible
that is space-time warping (analogy projection),
which is a part of the whole universe (whole)
that must contain dark matter and energy
perhaps within its space-time fabric.

We, a part
wee part of projection
that is a part of our whole being.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts.

A “godly” being of creation
includes our self as self and identity,
our conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious,
projection, including our sense of body and life,
and real body
as parts,
and is more than their sum, our whole.

A billiard ball amonst many
that is a part of a billiard set.
We must ask, who holds the cue?
serves and pays for the drinks?

A planet amongst many
that is a part of a solar system.
We must ask, who is keeping watch?
holds and keeps the watch and
the clock of time and light?

A water molecule amongst many
that is a part of a misty cloud.
We must ask, who gathers us around
the mountain and of what or who is the mountain
a part of.
tt 29th October 2016

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