Subtle sense – 4

Rest of the excerpts from the hand out prepared for the exhibition,

Subtle sense – Jan 2017

“demonstrating the human condition, captured in space and in relation with its whole”


The ascending assertion vs our actuality

asce-assert-bWhat we suppress, repress and deny builds up away from the conscious as resistance – things that are too much to handle, whether positive or negative, are put away and forgotten.

The “ascending assertion” is our rise through levels of cornered displacement, away from the rest of our whole. In suppression, repression and denial, it is a fear based flight/fight avoidance and hold, an ascension through disassociation and displacement into our cornered assertion and identification, “I’m it” and “that’s the wot”, where we judge and determine “friend or foe” of others and things out there in the world.

Suppression, repression, denial and resistance are terms used in psychology that effectively describe our functioning. The words imply a direction and so a place, places which are aspects or parts of our projected reality, as our self and what we experience are parts of our reality of “conscious experience and self witnessed”.

The various parts of our reality exist “where” they are placed, projected there by our whole through the CNS (Central nervous System). We function in and through those aspects of our reality, but we may also approach their actuality (objective aspects) and our own actuality (subjective aspects). Actuality is the existence in fact of our reality and its parts as projection, placed in particular places in particular ways or shapes.

They are depicted so that we may approach our own actuality, to be in relation with our whole. They are also “labelled” or named for what they are, where they occur. This allows for a verification but is not intended to draw you away from approaching your actuality.

The shape
– soul’s reach, trauma of birth and liver’s float.

From the base of the domed diaphragm, the soul rises above the liver, across from the trauma of birth. The fresh blood from the placenta enters the foetus’ body via the belly button, tracks up and across to the front of the liver, and goes through its fissure (crack) to join the greater body of blood and circulation. There it was one-way in, while the spent blood left the “systemic” circulation from the left and right groin vessels to join and exit the umbilicus for the placenta.

We are left with a blood drain behind, “where’s the blood gone?”. It is forgotten with “mama?!”, and replaced with the world out there and our first and subsequent sense of breath and swallow.

Soul’s reach carries our sense of 2 lungs, which are associated with sadness in Traditional Chinese medicine. Sadness goes with anger, which is associated with Liver, and resentment, which is associated with Spleen (to the left side).


The frame

label on whole body 001.pngThe conscious is held up, skewered by the paired prongs of “abandonment” that threaten to split the conscious, and that rise from the rippling platform of the unconscious “other end” (the clue to our whole being, while the core is the reference).

While reigning from above to shed light on our projected reality, the conscious’ reach fades below into the subconscious depths beyond cognitive, through emotive, somatic (introduced under the Arch of language), gut instinctive, intuitive and mystic levels that continue centred on the whole self’s right side. The “other side”, however, is subconscious immediately next to our cognitive part (“guilt, shame and failure”).

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