Sense :
a faculty by which the ‘body’ perceives an external stimulus; one of the faculties of hearing (and language; linguistic sense), sight, smell, taste, and touch” ; also body sense.

The whole self/whole being/whole body in and of creation, has the sense organs;
the one in reality, displacing and so touched by the “rest of reality”,
and at his or her core, is of Reality, an entirety.

Our whole self and the rest of creation are indeed in entanglement with,
in Reality.
Reality is more than the sum of all its parts,
to every point
in Reality, and things in them, of Reality.

Our relation with our whole takes us through an unravelling integration :
in our becoming a part (from an isolating identification, in our self and what we
within our reality of conscious and experience);
and our whole becoming more complete, with integrating rather than isolated parts.


Sense of our part and sense of our whole, are parts that may be presented to
our whole being of Reality.

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