Single self, many self-s

“Everything is a part of their whole.”

Within our whole, we experience our self, things and others. We know there’s more to our reality, and its make-up.

There are parts we may extend to and include or shift into and find our selves in;  deeper, beyond and other-side, and in different realms and dimensions, including dreaming, feeling and remembering. Our conscious state and state of being may fluctuate, depending on energy levels, drugs, activity etc. These should remind us of realities, others in them, but also many self-s in different situations.

Our reality includes our self and our experience, but also the world we may experience, the conscious, and the witness by which we are aware There is also our deeper being.

However, normally, we consider our self a single entity.

Our sanity, authenticity, truth, accountability, is based on this supposed one self. While we may be uncertain within, we meet the world certain with this single self. Easily reactive when confronted, to be defensive and avoiding, or argumentative and aggressive.

We may try to be consistent, appropriate, or trust our innate condition and be natural, but ready to grab the levers, if ever control seem lost. We are strong and vigilant in our head quarters, being the one in control, waiting for our “turn off”.

I am referring to our self-s, others and things together in the third party and indirectly as “everything” to approach “their” actuality. In being of our reality, all that is of our self, and what we experience of the world and others in our inside and outside, deeper and other-side realms, belong as parts to our whole.

Our relation with our whole is referred to indirectly because the whole is transcendent of its parts. Also we have a sense of separation from other parts in both positive and negative ways. These reflexive entanglements seem embraced by “our” whole in referring to him or her as “theirs”, so that we in our self may be received by our transcendent whole, together with our equal, but other parts, necessary for our integration.

“Everything is a part of their whole.”

Try this message. It comes from a mereological orientation of our reality as a part of our whole, who is of Reality, the one and only whole.

Mereology is a study of parts and wholes, that is a part of logic, and in itself is complete. To this I have joined our actuality, the existence in fact of our reality as a part of our whole being, and Reality.

Please examine other entries in this blog for further statements and considerations tah come of this “Orientation” of the human condition and reality. Poem Straight up JUn17 (5)




What of my self and my experience,
the space I exist in; time passes
with the world I experience?

I see your whole’s front,
recognise the forms or shapes
you occupy in space,
in many guises or self-s,
in particular shapes and places.

Suppressed, repressed, denied
our deeper, beyond and other side aspects,
parts of a whole, who is of Reality.

Our wants and security, adventure and needs,
desire and hate, fears and hope,
are parts within our whole.

Trust, expose, be pummled,
all is within your living whole;
be mauled by Reality,
through your whole.


Reality is a mystery

Reality is a mystery
for us because we’re a part;
message 02not for us to experience and get,
not in the usual way we consider direct,
not within our reality yet,
immanent in Everything, perfused through,
including our self.

As self or identity
within our reality
of conscious experience and self witnessed, where
we experience what we experience directly
surrounded by other parts within our reality
including the conscious by which we are conscious of
and the witness by which we are aware,
coupled to and displaced from them.

We are free to choose,
to consider or deny, determine or mesmerise with
what we experience;
our Unknowing extends beyond this freedom,
our whole contains our all as parts
and the mystery includes our whole.

Be free as a part;
beyond displacements and choices,
the mystery of our whole encompasses
and the immanence of our whole and Reality, is in us.

Smile like a simile

Life is a play, a story on a stage. All is metaphor. A part but only in their “actuality”.

message 35Help! I am, in my reality, a simile for Reality. A smile like a simile in fields of experience, syntax-ed semantic expression of particles entangled with other similes, in displacement and association, delivery and identification, parts within our reality, of conscious experience and self witnessed, in their actuality – occupying space, emanating from our whole being, through his or her brain and spine, as parts of our whole who is of Reality.

Arch of Language, our actuality, emanation

Arch of Language.

Metaphoric.007 Ach of language emanence 001c.jpg

Arch your mind of words conscious.
Domed your circle twisted loop.
Founded shoulder might of right.


Actuality talk.

Dips under the conscious.
Domes over cyclic twist.
Finds right shoulder.

More on the Arch of Language, actuality and Munchausen’s trilemma (


We are centred right.


Please respond, if “actuality” is you.

“Our actuality” : The existence in fact of our reality, including the self, as what we are, our self and our reality, a part of our whole, placed in space through our whole, through his or her CNS (Central Nervous System, or the brain and the spinal cord), by “emanation”.

A whole being “emanates” our reality by which we, in our self and our reality, manifest in space.

This is our actuality.

“As a part of our whole” : in our self and our reality, we are a part, of a whole being of Reality (is Entirety, the one and only whole), in our actuality.


Sense of Oneness

When our time and space story “uncouple”, in our reality …..


Our reality exists in a space; our lives, the world we experience, and our sense of self, in space that is a part of our whole. There, within that space, is also movement, breathe, change, with our sense of time.

Our space and time are references or fields for what exists “on” space and happens “on” time, in our reality.

We experience, in our reality, versions of Reality, that are provided by our whole from Reality, where he or she is and is of (Reality).

The indications of those space and time aspects of Reality, the things that exist or manifest (in space) and change in it (with time), may “uncouple”.

Many people report a “sense of oneness” that is timeless, boundless, with no sense of self. It can be an accident, rare or once in a life-time event, profoundly revealing or confirmatory of the world and self-less consciousness. People find it hard to place in their scheme of things. So, it is filed away fondly, forcefully denied or forgotten, while others may try to re-live it, there may a place for it in some personal or known system of endeavour, often spiritual or to do with nature or humanity, and at least supposedly some may have got there through practices of those systems, perhaps as a particular state of being or stage of development, even as an ideal or goal, perhaps just a side effect of some larger or parallel process.

Compared to the bustle of every day life, there is peace, but often a deep reassurance or love. Very personal, yet it is not a small part of our common understanding about what can happen in the human condition. Perhaps we carry the potential of it within, for it to emerge as language is said to, emerge from within us.

How can it be

how can it be
you’re in me where
001 W1 27Jul17 a0 - CopyI cannot see
me in my reality

can it be true
me in you too where
you cannot see you
your self in you

what are we
Presentation 003 3 d view fr abovein our reality
but hollow echoes
versions of Reality be

and what about me
deep within you cannot see
why me, yet everything’s a part
including me

Presentation 003 3 eour individual whole
encompass our all
me in you and you in me
parts of our separate whole

Oneness, our part and whole

sense of oneness
no one self or sense of time
boundary-less space
witnessed for it to be reported and
remembered as dreams are,
parts of our whole who is more than
his or her parts summed,
present in the present,
in and of Reality

absolutely all is experience
fundamentally part of whole being
our reality, valid as part in relation with,
immanent of Reality in becoming
part of, our universal whole,
for our whole
being of Reality,
transcendent of our part

free as a part

04 causal way 1free in our place
bound by our will

wilful willing well-ness
knowing in our sense
of self but also, others and the world


free to reach, out from mind
and grasp, back in mind

free to go linear
circular to and fro
foundational in our self, familiar


04 causal way 2be, as part, free and fundamental
in truth, not just by will,
your everything is a part of your whole;

everything is a part, immanent of Reality
in you being a part of your whole








time, space and story

time is now, here in space
our story unfolds
in reference and context

particles propagate in their fieldseeing is believing 2
of probable presence witnessed


our linear sequence wobble and waver
pass beyond our cognitive view
but reflexive, waves are made in another

many other times and spaces
parts of our whole being we don’t always see


more than the what
we see and believe, think and know
parts of our whole

Reality is Entirety
beyond our kinetic time, space and story

seeing is believing 3