“Aspects of Reality”

Reality is there, transcendent of us parts. In our whole self being of Reality and in our being a part of our whole, our transcendent whole and Reality are immanent in our part; they permeate through our reality, in our being a part of our whole.

omega 120cWe are in our reality of conscious self and experience. We understand aspects of Reality to a certain extent, in our various endeavours including the sciences and philosophy. We go off in tangents, with our linear deterministic reductionist enquiry, into what are indications of different “aspects of Reality”. 

UntitledLife, whole things, fundamental things, human things, physical things, in and of Reality, are indicated as projected in our reality, of conscious experience and self.

The tangents of our quests and enquiry, can never meet in Reality, but point through the aspects of Reality.

Our reality is surrounded by the “rest of whole” (Diag,1). Our enquiry and endeavours, each reach out, penetrating boundaries, seemingly closer towards message 01Reality, but in its aspects. The tangents of our linear reduction are bound, to “us” as self, observer and grasper with mind, within mind, where they (tangents) start from.

Diag 1
“A part displaces its whole, for being a part.”

For there being a “Part”, the “Whole” must leave the “Part” separate, with the “Rest of whole”. The “Whole” is transcendent of, immanent in, and encompasses, the “Part” and the Rest of whole”.

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