Sense of Oneness

When our time and space story “uncouple”, in our reality …..


Our reality exists in a space; our lives, the world we experience, and our sense of self, in space that is a part of our whole. There, within that space, is also movement, breathe, change, with our sense of time.

Our space and time are references or fields for what exists “on” space and happens “on” time, in our reality.

We experience, in our reality, versions of Reality, that are provided by our whole from Reality, where he or she is and is of (Reality).

The indications of those space and time aspects of Reality, the things that exist or manifest (in space) and change in it (with time), may “uncouple”.

Many people report a “sense of oneness” that is timeless, boundless, with no sense of self. It can be an accident, rare or once in a life-time event, profoundly revealing or confirmatory of the world and self-less consciousness. People find it hard to place in their scheme of things. So, it is filed away fondly, forcefully denied or forgotten, while others may try to re-live it, there may a place for it in some personal or known system of endeavour, often spiritual or to do with nature or humanity, and at least supposedly some may have got there through practices of those systems, perhaps as a particular state of being or stage of development, even as an ideal or goal, perhaps just a side effect of some larger or parallel process.

Compared to the bustle of every day life, there is peace, but often a deep reassurance or love. Very personal, yet it is not a small part of our common understanding about what can happen in the human condition. Perhaps we carry the potential of it within, for it to emerge as language is said to, emerge from within us.

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