Reality, Entirety, the one and only whole, All-Creation-God 2

3 (11).jpg“Orientation” comes of
1) the understanding of parts and wholes (mereology),
2) our reality as a part of our whole, and
3) Reality as Entirety, the one and only whole, and All-Creation-God.

Our reality, occupies space. As self or identity within the human condition, we are a part of a geometric piece, held within greater “projected” structures. Of realms, shapes, levels and layers, all of our self and what we experience, is enmeshed in projection. It emanates or flows out from our whole, through the CNS (Central Nervous System).

We normally “live”, as self or identity, in our reality of conscious experience and self, identifying with what we determine ”what’s what”, relative within context and depending on perspective. However, in absolute terms it is all experience, which releases the self having an experience, from what is experienced. This distinction between experience itself and what is experienced, is established in phenomenology.

We go beyond the “what” of what we experience, determined relativistic within context, and the existential absolution or detachment “it’s all experience”, to what is fundamental of our reality, that is projection.

Projection is our “actuality”, our existence in fact as placed in space, by our whole through the CNS. Projection is what our reality, including our self, is; we can reduce all human reality, of conscious experience and self, to projection. However, this fundamental, seemingly innert cold fact about our reality, must imply our living whole being of Reality who projects our reality, and our being a part of him or her. Our whole is who is next to other whole beings, while we tend to identify exclusively with what we experience, which are indications of who and things that are in Reality.

While projection is the mechanism, the “how” of our reality existing, just as significant is our being a part which addresses the important “why” question of our self and our reality. The answer is not direct, in the normal linear deductive way we question, determine and answer things in our reality, that keeps us there, in our reality. The universal concern about the human condition and reality, is addressed in our self in our reality, that is a part of our whole being, who intern is a part of Reality, the one and only whole. We must look to a relation with our whole, as a part, because we are a part.

So, where is our whole? Where is it, or rather, he or she? Is there a Reality?

message 01A part displaces its whole. From the perspective of the part, there is no “Whole”, only the “Rest of whole”. The “Whole” leaves (of necessity) the “Part” and the “Rest of whole”, transcendent of, or displaced from them both. We can see in Diag. 1, the “Whole” is transcendent of, is immanent in or pervades, and encompasses, the “Part” and the “Rest of whole”.

Diag. 1 “A part displaces its whole, for being a part.”

We join with others, in our conscious, cognitive (knowing), emotive, and somatic or deeper being levels. We are also a part in instinctive, intuitive, as well as mystic realms of archetypal entities, and into the subconscious.

Projection allows us to extend through some, but not necessarily all or many, of these dimensions, to be in relation with our whole as a part.

“Everything, of you and what you experience, is a part of your whole.”


Reality and our part”

Reality is an Entirety, Poem Straight up JUn17 (5)
the one and only whole,

All wholes transcend their parts,
being displaced by their parts, but are
immanent in their parts, and
encompassing of them all.

All-Creation-God pervades
all parts and wholes, Everything is
immanent in us and our all also,
by our being a part
of our
individual whole.

Of conscious self and experience,
of aspects of things in reality, our reality
is a part of our whole,
projected through the CNS,
by our whole.


“Everything, of you and what you experience, is a part of your whole.”


Atman and Brahman, are the whole self of Reality and Reality, and also Nothingness, the absence of our whole from our projected part (mu of Zen Buddhism)  and the Way (Dao of Daoism). Within Emptiness (kuu of Zen Buddhism), of disassociation within our projected reality, we are set linear with what we experience; and we open and extend, different ways in different directions. Our all is within brain-spine (CNS) projection, that is a part of our whole, a whole being of Reality. There is more (to our all that is consciousness and witnessed) but beyond our more, or less, our inside and out, is our whole.

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