It’s all about ….

Not about your part
not about your whole
no goal as such
or point to match,
but look to a relation
as a part
with your transcendent whole.

Poem Straight up JUn17 (2cc)Empirical your part
when captured in space
projected is your reality
in shapes as “actuality”,
but only as to refer to
as a part
to your whole being in Reality

message 02Immanent your part
of Reality through your whole
everything of you
is touched anew,
but only in becoming
a part
of who’s a part of the one and only whole.


In being in relation with your whole as a part, you will change, get to places, and gain things, but they are all within your reality of conscious experience and self witnessed. Everything of you is a part of your whole. Look to a relation with your whole, as a part.

To this, we can add the immanence of Reality, in us as a part of our whole. Consider and develop a taste for this immanence.

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