Reality is a mystery – Ed 2

Reality is a mystery for us
because we’re a part;
message 02not for us to experience and get,
not in the way we consider direct,
not within our reality yet,
immanent in Everything, perfused through,
in being a part.

As self or identity within our reality
of conscious experience and self witnessed, where
we experience what we experience, directly
but surrounded by other parts disassociated,
within our reality including both
the conscious by which we’re conscious of
and witness by which we’re aware;
we are displaced from and coupled to them.

We are free to choose, to consider or deny,
determine or mesmerise with
what we experience;
our Unknowing extends beyond,
our whole contains our all as a part,
the mystery is our whole
and our being a part!

Be free as a part;
beyond displacement and choice,
the mystery of our whole is Reality;
it encompasses our all
immanent is Reality in us,
in our becoming a part of our whole.

Edit 2 from Orig’ly bloged 30Oct17



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