What whole?

words incite
“everything’s a part !”
but our reality, of conscious
experience and self, is
what whole
is there in sight?

pot holed with insight
sandwiched between
witness displaced and
“our” objective word “we”,
as self or identity, experience
we switch between
experiencing self, identity having an experience,
and our sense of being and doing in the world

message 01while the whole is transcendent of its parts
everything is a part of their whole

Turned in our Vector

The dynamics of our projected actuality, our existence in fact, occupying space as projection. We emanate or flow out from our whole through the brain and spinal cord (CNS).


s 23Nov17 tturned vector giff


up front and to the right might light
cornered off
on and on
fish eyed
conscious of
cornered across

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Actuality and Reality

002 aaa 6Nov17 eBeyond what we determine
in our story,
what’s what of our reality,
is our actuality
– our existence in fact as part
of our whole being of Reality
– projection, projected from our whole
through the CNS (Central Nervous System)

poem-straight-up-jun17-2cc.jpgBeyond actuality,
our projected existence in fact
truth and certainty,
is our whole who is of Reality
– immanent in us in our being
a part of our whole who is of Reality
– transcendent of our part for
our being a part of our whole and Reality


True and certain, our “actuality” as projected part of our whole.

message 02We are a part of our reality that is a part of our whole.
Projection, projected as his or her part in Reality,
we exist as part of our whole
who is of Reality
i.e., the one and only whole

conscious and twisted loops

The conscious reigns from above, as if to shed light on our reality, of conscious self and experience. It has a shape as projected by our whole, through the CNS (Central Nervous System).

Twists and loops form fields for our projected substance and space.

021-w2-22aug17-act-004-2.jpgr 21Nov17_0001 a









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Our part, whole, and Reality

We are a part. Everything we experience is a part. Our reality is “constructed” of parts including our self, what we experience, the conscious, the witness and our deeper being. Our reality in turn, is a part of our whole being.

im message 01images 001 labelledAs a part we may be in relation with our whole. However, a whole is transcendent of its parts because a part displaces its whole. It means we cannot directly experience our whole nor Reality.

We tend to identify exclusively in our self and with what we experience that are indications of aspects of things in Reality. This identification is reinforced by our linear reductive determination of what we experience within our projected reality. We are isolated from our transcendent whole in this knowing engagement within our projected reality.

Becoming a part involves approaching our self. Not a sense or idea about our self but our “actuality”, our existence in fact occupying space as projection in our projected reality. Emptiness is “collapsed”. Emptiness is the disassociation through which we are having an experience, or the space through which those various aspects of our reality for having an experience are displaced. The disassociated aspects of our reality integrate in stages, through depths back wards, breadth side ways, and levels underneath including breath and deeper being.

I call it the process of Reality – our becoming a part of our whole, who is of Reality. In approaching our actuality, and referring to our transcendent whole (which must be indirect, because of transcendence), we are touched by Reality, the one and only whole .

Our whole or Reality is not a goal to set your sights on. You may reach places, experience, find or resolves things, change in your part. In being a part however, seek beyond more, a relation with your transcendent whole.

twisted loops and bubbles

r 21Nov17_0001 b.jpgq 21Nov17 003a.jpgtwisted loops
reign in our realms
leaf like bubbles in bigger bubbles pressed
razor blade edges separate dimensions
time space experience and self witnessedr 21Nov17_0001 cr 21Nov17_0003 b.jpg

conscious in a loop
lost in space
conscious of what it is conscious of
through a hoop
conscious in its loop

r 21Nov17_0001 aq 21Nov17 003br 21Nov17 002bhard wired to our whole
but we’re easily twisted off

q 21Nov17 003a