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The human condition as a projected actuality, is depicted as I mark out some of its boundaries, and capture/present this in video.

The human condition (hc) as projected actuality, is created and placed by the whole body in reality from his or her Central Nervous System. We are an identity or self. Beyond what we are and what we experience (what’s what – goes on for ever), there’s where we are and where we experience or have our experience (the where of it – not why or the aware of what, but the where of), there-as-is actual, as and in projection and as placed in space in relation to the whole body.

We in our actuality, may relate with our whole in reality, who projects us. Our sense of togetherness and independence, otherness and self are projected parts, encompassed by the whole self in reality. He or she can never…

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Your reality, a whole being, Reality

Seek not just this or that
what you determine in notion and sense
but abide in what must be theremessage 02
the one and only whole that is Reality
of which your whole is a part.

Words incite the grasping mind
senses lead to a succouring latch
but abide in who must be there
a whole being who is of Reality
of whom your reality is a part.

“Seek not just this or that”. Our reality is conscious experience and self witnessed. Everything of our self and experience is a part of our whole self or being, who is of Reality. What we seek as well as our seeking, is also a part of our whole.

We cannot seek or approach our whole directly for the whole is displaced and transcendent of its parts. However, as a part we may “abide in who  must be there” in Reality. And because our whole is of Reality,  we may abide and be touched by Reality in being a part of our whole.

I of conscious experience and self witnessed

As self or identity
together with and within my reality
of conscious experience and self witnessed,
I am quantum part
of my reality
that is a projected part
of a whole being of Reality,
of Entirety, that is the one and only whole.

As a parcelled party,
within my reality
of conscious experience and self witnessed,
I can as part
be touched by Reality
through my whole being a part
in turn of Reality.

Change 2

Light is might
for setting things in sight
what we may determine
that may incite
belief in what is wrong or right.

But it’s tight
our insight
in darkness our certainty
unknowing flight
we leap to in fright.

The changes in sight
in context we site
programmed info filed secure,
denies true living light
Reality, and our being a part of our whole being delight.

We hold to a sense of the constant or consistence in face of change. Both constancy and change are, as parts of our reality, parts of our whole, who in Reality is present in the ever changing present, being of Reality, and next to other living changing wholes.





What is this
our reality,
yours different from mine?

We pretend to be
on the same one page
till no longer we fit,
and turn to yours and mine.

Individual yet dependent
free yet in context
you and me
in your reality,
you and me in mine.

Where can we meet
should we text
whose place, page or reality?

We seem authentic but
it’s our wholes who are together
transcendent of our parts,
in and of Reality.



I am a part,
as self or identity,
of a whole human being.

He is of Reality,
the one and only whole,
touched by the rest of Reality
next to other wholes.

I am a part,
together with my reality,
of a whole human being.

He projects my reality,
conscious, witness, and my all,
through his CNS, actuality
various aspects in different poles.

(CNS = Central Nervous System or the brain and spinal cord)


Being a part

our whole
encompasses our all
of Reality,
the one and only whole

our partmessage 02
of Reality in being
a part of our whole
who is of Reality

Be a part,
it is what we are,
of our transcendent whole


Immanence refers to the presence of the divine in the material world. It contrasts with transcendence, in which the divine is seen to be outside the material world.


zzz C1 CompassionPassion
our holding on
to our here and now
whereby our losses build up
with the past in our wake
put aside in denial
as we hold to our here and now.

our being a part
of our whole who encompasses
our all including
our losses, past and what builds up in denial
who is present in the present
with all that is his or her part.


Here and now is a part of our whole, as is our various pasts. There are various identities, of our self and others in those different realms, but they, the identities, and the worlds and what’s in and happening in them, are parts of our individual whole who is of Reality (one and only whole).

Our whole encompasses our all, including the dark, negative and past. Compassion is of him or her and comes of our being a part, of our whole.

Our whole’s being is of Reality, in Reality, on Earth, and next other wholes.