Humanity, trips post-exponential

Humanity’s control –
from stone age thrust021 Hw b
through bronze maized mold
with iron, we’ve gated boundaries
then forged through them industrial.

It trips post-exponential
past its rearing tip now
beyond retrograde wake
still irresolutive, open and uncertain
consequence despite computational power.

Between infinite regress
and “never-ending and” (computational irresolution, Wolfram)
we spin self referential
all subjective, with direction dissentive
swimming in simulation.

Agency transcendent beyond
past present future
the technological and the artificial
are, of our whole
who is of Creation.

Everything of our self
comes from beyond us
from our whole being of Reality
agent of Reality, including our sense of
the post-exponential trip and beyond.

Aquarian sunrise will strike horizontal
our yet to be upright stand
wriggling through iron age tsunami’s
rearing reflective wall, with still the flickering
uncertainty of Pisces.

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