No end

No end to dissension000 02f No End Nov19
different directions bundled
on and on, from and in-between :

Progressive “on and on”
Wolfram established computational irresolution.003 aaac hc.R treble cleft

Regressive “from”
Chomsky defines epistemological limits.

Self-referential spiral “in-between”
We cannot experience our experiencing self,003 ac hc.R treble cleft, 3 bundles and subconscious dip and tuck across
only as what we may know and sense reflective of.003 aab hc.R treble cleft

Turn treble around self
loop the progressive notion and sense
fold back down to land
regressive wake on infinite abyss.

On inner spread our grounding depend
it brings upright and onto mid-line
our staggered reach 000 02c No End Nov19000 02g No End Nov19
across, up and to the front,
everything’s a part of one’s Whole
including no end.
000 02b bear weight for grounding Nov19

000 02d No End Nov19

000 02e No End Nov19