Exponential Shock

traumatic shock
us all
crack our china
cup and plate
road and rail
connect world
by sea air and
our billions.

are we
on Earth.

Where are
we with

When will
we be
as of
as what
we are,
part of
Who is
of Earth – one’s Whole Being,
also of Reality.

Through relation,
as part,
with one’s Whole ……

The Truth : Our being part, of one’s Whole.

The Tacit : To be part.

The Transcendent : One’s Whole Being, transcendent of our parts,
in the “also transcendent” real world of Reality.

and God : Reality. The One and Only Whole. Creation/Creator/Conscious/Conscience.
Of Which one’s Whole is of,
and, in our self and identity, together with the reality we are in,
we are also of, of Reality, God,
in being part of one’s Whole,
in the gendered Him or Her being of Reality.

Our reality shimmers with Reality and Life
in being projected part of
one’s Whole
being of Reality and alive.

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