Arch of language and Munchhausen’s trilemma

On and on our conscious infinitism-ic Our mind with a ring of context contained circularity Our cohesive whole a bubble (of babble) within another Floating under the arch of language held up foundational by the story telling fella All a part of a whole body’s dreaming A whole being is there when we become lucid […]

the arch of language and Munchhausen’s trilemma

I came to realise some time ago that the components or makeup of our reality manifest as projected actualities. I presume they are projected by the whole body from his or her brain-spine. I have found that one may capture, recognise and depict them. More importantly, as a projected actuality and part, we may relate […]

Notes on Orientation

– ”our actuality” beyond theory, description or depiction, for “how to be in relation with one’s whole” Theory We are a part of our whole. That’s you or me as self or identity, a part of a whole individual being. And the individual whole being we’re a part of is, in turn, a part of […]

Being cognitive part of our part-less Whole

I There’s a Whole Being of Reality of Whom our reality is a part, projected through His or Her nervous system, CNS to be precise.* Within our reality are separate parts projected in particular places by our Whole. The conscious, experience, self or identity what we experience and the witness by which we are aware […]