hc centred right and actuality – part 2

This is part 2 of the second video of Orientation, human condition centred right and actuality. Orientation is a method to capture the human condition and introduce reality, the whole body alive in creation.

Centred right

right is might and in the light we’re where we’re, centred right it’s just where we’re projected, right you’re all right we’re all right unless body mirrored, left side right across from the heart and stomach over liver’s fissure ascending colon hold us tight I’m right centred too, mate (might be) but so what who […]

The human condition is centred right

I have re-edited my first post, and added a drawing from above of our centredness in relation with the whole body as captured from above. I reblogged it as it is a crucial aspect of my reckoning – the “where” of our projected actuality beyond the “what” of it, is the beginning of our relation […]

The human condition is centred right.

The human condition is projection. Our self and our experience, including the world, are created and placed or projected (wave or particle) by the whole body from the Nervous System, the brain-spine and nerves. We are normally identified with the symmetry of our reality, of the world we line up with and face as our self or identity having an […]