The horizon and the exponential curve

Devil’s double advocate advises WRONG WAY, GO BACK. Hippocritical heretical hearsay “No way forwards in an exponential curve”. But for all that we may lend an ear, go back where? Where Devil’s Dice is Fool’s Gold (mineral pyrite; FeS2) and Exponential, the price and cost, we stand and bear – Earth carries the lemming and […]

The exponential curve

The exponential curve (also previous two posts and link to search exponential curve). be ready for anything or for nothing!? while steadying for what’s ahead the curve is under our legs we stand on our destiny; swim in plastic perfused waters macro and micro dosed all for nothing!? or for anything what’s our feet for […]

Lost and found X-mas cheer

Re-posted from a year ago : Compare with this year’s new year entry (previous post, for progress through our exponential curve – where whether we affect the weather, or not, is hard to tell from weather models, whose reports cannot see that far into the future, because the models are formed by us from […]

The self and “What is it to be human?”

A steady new year entry, level with horizon into the sunrise of the Age of Aquarius; where we looked up high was with its dawn light that rises high (in the early 70’s; the musical ‘Hair’ came out in 1967). Or is it the setting sun, at the horizon and dusk’s glow rose high. Either […]

Lost and found X-mas cheer

Lead like lemmings drawn into view exponential explosion under foot, future not ahead. Bouncing reflexive in apparent chaos probable presence in hotted head everything is of you in experience part of your whole present in the present forever X-mas clause of Reality. Merry be, in cheer part-ache Mary be for Christ’s sake Glory be our […]

Knowing, so

We have come to know so much of how things happen to be, and what things make-up reality, in their numbers, substance, essence, and story. Yet, in knowing, we are away from actuality, of our self and of the world we experience. We ponder our part with words, even pace our path in our sense […]

In response to today’s posts on my reader.

Racism. Neo-conservatism reigns in post-modern flux. We have peeled off the back of the exponential population curve, cyclic through modernity, retrograde towards its end, then to this uncertainty. Eternal bliss or kiss, or do we miss what does not exist. I wanna live for ever, kiss or no kiss ! World wars and catastrophe has […]