I remember thinking when 14, “I don’t know what I want”. For decades, I searched for “What is there?”.  I pursued matters both within and without myself , but came to look more and more within.

I was lying on the bed, the children were still young, thinking of the mountains and the sea. I had a sense of the seasons, entering the room from outside. I realised soon after the whole body was of the seasons, who is of wilderness. He/she encompasses all that we experience, including our sense of nature, the divine, one another, our connection as well as our separation.

My pursuit for “What is there?” transformed to “Who is there to relate with”. And that relation is with our whole, as a part.

The human condition is a part of a whole body. We, as identity, and our reality we experience, both outside of ourselves and within, are “projected”, ie. created and placed, by the whole body from the Central Nervous System. The whole body is in and of reality, while our reality is projection, a part of which is a virtual or seemingly real indication of reality, we usually regard as reality and refer to as “the world”.

Current scientific understanding goes only so far as to consider as epiphenomena or concurrent activity, our subjective experience and brain activity, associated with but not necessarily caused by. However, I think we should consider our self as a projected part of a whole self, whole being and whole body. As a part, we may refer beyond our self and our isolating identification with what we experience, and be involved in a relation with our whole being, in what may be considered a process of reality.

You cannot just reflect on this as if an idea or hypothesis, as if a free and independent agent, because you are involved – you are in it. It is your actuality – we are the self or identity, in our reality.

“Orientation” brings Reality, an Entirety, together with our part, through our whole who is of Reality. It formulates my understanding and approach to the human condition and reality, their relation and process. Gendo is more its practice and expression.

As a projected part of a whole being in reality, it is not our only destiny to be lost in the human condition, so fatefully identified with what we experience. We may also be in relation with our whole, as a part.

The whole body is a special entity in reality for us, for we belong to one. While every other entity in reality can only manifest as an indication in our projected reality, reality can reach us, if we can relate with whom we belong to as a part – our truth in relation with the whole truth, our true destiny as a part of and in relation with our whole. We must exercise our will in this.

I came to live in Australia from Japan as a child. I worked as a medical doctor during which time I began to appreciate and sense the human condition as a projected actuality. I have pursued a relation with the whole body and, together with my sons and others in my life, have come to appreciate and become more familiar with this relationship.

I hope the works presented here resonates with you and find some bearing on your relation with your whole and reality.

tt4r         Sydney, May 2014

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello tt4r. I enjoyed my time on your blog, your artwork is lovely, though provoking and fluid. Your words are deep, intellectual and embracing. Looking forward to learning more from you.

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  2. I don’t know if I get what you’re getting at yet Phil; on the other hand, I may do. It sounds as though there may be parallels with Classical Advaita and Buddhism, though the expressions would perhaps be quite different. Where is a good place to start here may I ask? Thanks, Hariod.

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    • Sorry to take time answering this, Hariod but yes, I’ve been conscious of needing to organise my material so that where “to start” and then follow is clearer. It is a bit old now and still not complete, but “Orientation chapters i – v” is my effort at trying to formalise our approach to reality, the whole body. It covers “nothingness, emptiness and the spirit”, the limits of phenomenology, the isolation of the hc and the introduction of “constructology”, “what we can do from within the hc to “be in relation with” a whole being to we as an identity belong as a projected part, and some depictions of our projected actuality. And there is my web site ( http://www.gendohcr.com/ )which is more succinct, has some of my art work, and also is a work in progress. i hope they may interest you, Tach.

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  3. Hi Tach,
    although Christmas is not part of my belief system, it is for many others – as a time of spiritual connectedness. On that basis – Happy Christmas!…and I hope you have an excellent, productive and creative New Year!

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    • Thank you Phil,
      On the same note, and all the best to you. I am looking for a place to exhibit and present some of my work, including a talk. Do you know of a place in the inner city suburbs?


      • Hi Tach, Great idea! I’d suggest contacting the council in the area that interests you and asking them about rooms for hire. Here is a page for the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (which is central to buses and trains): http://www.newtowncentre.org/rainbow-room.html. Marrickville Council has a very nice room but it is a lot more expensive. There is a church in Newtown that might not charge any fee – I could enquire if you would like. All the best, Phil


  4. Hi Tach, two other suburbs that might interest you are Darlinghurst (central) and Paddington (continual bus services on Oxford St.). Again, I’d suggest contacting the local councils – I’m sure they’d have lots of rooms/spaces available. Phil

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