Belief and disbelief

I woke today to find myself as I usually do, away from my cognitive self deep in the subconscious shadows where I was expressing my disbelief, “there is no God”.

Where there is belief, there is disbelief.

It is enough that we believe but in insisting or asserting there is struggle – good/bad right/wrong true/false yours/mine belief/disbelief. We should let our polarities be part, so there is a whole.

Being of Reality your whole is alive in Reality, forever changing, as Reality does.

Within our reality of conscious experience and self, there is change, development, resolution, and growth of a certainty that involves us and our struggles. It is an integration that occurs in our relation as part with our whole self, who is beyond or transcendent of our part including our belief and disbelief.



We are genderised in our self and identity. We consider our self male or female, though we may question this and perhaps choose to change it.

While we identify in our self and our genderisation, we are in fact a part, together with all that we experience of others and the world, of our whole being. And our whole being, who is in and of Reality, is the one who is gendered.

I am hoping this quick examination of our genderisation help clarify two distinctions, between our self and our whole self, and between our reality and Reality. They are considered throughout my work which tries to establish “actuality”, our existence in fact as projection, projected through the CNS (Central Nervous System) by our whole being.

message 02.jpgProjection distinguishes and help define our reality of conscious experience and self witnessed as a projected part of our whole, our self as a projected part within our projected reality, and our whole self as who projects our reality including our self.

Reality itself or absolute Reality is what our whole self is of. Also the one and only whole, our whole being is of Reality, and through him or her we, as self or identity, together with our genderisation, are a part of Reality.

While any whole is beyond or transcendent of its parts, in our actuality, we may be in relation with our transcendent and gendered whole being of Reality as a projected part.

Inside a paper bag

A guided orientation – aspects of our reality are orientated in space, in their “actuality”.

It’s like being in a brown paper bag for us, as self or identity, within our reality of conscious experience and self witnessed*.

brown paper bag 1

as captured from above

The crinkled surface to our front is what we predominantly experience as vision. We are in a fold pushed into the paper bag from its left.

There is no boundary to our right where empty space comes in, nor to the vacuous displacement behind that is the witness. The conscious is above us and our deeper sense of being extends below both again with no boundary. These aspects or regions seem to extend indeterminably for us, but exist within the paper bag that is our reality. What is determinable is our front facing self in the fold from the left, and what we experience to the front of the bag.

Within our paper bag we cannot see or experience the whole bag or the whole self of whom our reality (our paper bag) is a part, much like not seeing the forest from the trees. However, we can be a part in our actuality* and be in relation with our whole as part, just as in being a part of a tree that part is a part of the forest.

In our actuality within our reality, a part of our whole being who in turn is a part of absolute Reality or the one and only whole.


Our reality is conscious experience and self witnessed.

Actuality is our existence in fact as a projected part, projected by our whole being through the CNS (Central Nervous System).

The witness is the displaced part to the manifestant parts of our reality that include the self and what is experienced. We are aware of what the witness witnesses, which includes the self by which we can be self aware. It occupies the vacuous space behind what we experience (front) and the experiencing self (back).

Our reality and Reality 6/6

Sixth of six parts to the article.

The theory and background to “actuality” our existence in fact as  part projection of our whole being of Reality, projected through the Central Nervous System.

7Orientation” – to the human condition and Reality, hc.R

Beyond what is presented in this background article there is more to “actuality” of our reality as part and projection, and more in referring to our whole being of Reality. I hope however to at least begin to establish our actuality as projected part. People as part in their self and identity should find interest in their actuality and relation with their whole being of Reality.

The approach is Orientation” to the human condition and Reality. Our projected actuality is orientated in space, and with our whole self and being of Reality.

Introduced is the transcendent whole. He or she (gendered) is the universal basis for our existence and processes as projected part. Universal because everyone as self or identity, has a whole they belong to as part and be in relation with.

The process is integration, for both the projected part and its whole. The transcendent living whole being is more whole with integrating rather than isolated parts. Integration for part and whole is underpinned by the immanence of Reality in all parts, through their whole being of Reality.

zzw.jpgWe change in dimension and state in our reality, but it is not for us to be the transcendent whole or reach Reality. Rather, we are to be in relation with our whole who is of Reality and in Reality touched by the rest of Reality.

The essence, substance and fields of all human endeavours and practices may said to be delivered with Orientation, from government through study (science and philosophy, all social studies), practice and performance (including work and physical tasks, all exercise).

Applied in our projected actuality as piece in its place as part of its whole, we be part of our whole being of Reality, among other whole entities who are present in the present where human endeavours are done, including the things we think we do in our projected reality, in Reality.

We as self or identity in the human condition are in a projected reality of conscious experience and self witnessed. In our actuality as projection we are part of our whole being of Reality.

Through our whole, our deepest sentiments flow. Through our transcendent whole godly being we become immanent of Reality as a projected part of our whole. Gratitude, reverence and the giving of thanks, our sacrifice or subjugation, wonderment and inner enquiry, despair and the reaching for help, struggle with vengeance or against betrayal, the gathering of power, its purpose and release, the incomplete surfaces and spaces of our projected reality.

Only through our whole because we are part, can we be free and independent as a part. Supported and opened, broken and born, lead and realised, strong and uncertain, in our whole’s encompassing embrace that reaches and infuses our reality’s breadths, depths, and extent, in our being part.

Lastly, our actuality implies a cosmology, diagrammed below with description, and to three statements we can make within our reality. They indirectly refer to our truth as part and to our transcendent whole, who “must be there” in Reality :

Message : “Everything is a part; in everything is our whole”
Everything of our self and what is experienced or sensed, is a projected part of our
whole being. In every part is the presence or essence of their whole.

Instruction : “Everything is material for referring to one’s whole”
For one’s everything being a part of one’s whole. Our reality includes positive and negative states, and all their possible purposes and processes.

Goal : “Look to a relation with one’s whole”
In all that we may become, achieve or get to, because our reality
includes all that we may be and experience, and is a part of our whole.

Poem Straight up JUn17 (5) 1.jpg