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the human condition and reality
– definiti

CNS projection 1 consc, mind body sense from spine

Conscious, mind, body sense from spine, projected through the solid organic matter of brain and spine


Central Nervous System or brain, spine and nerve roots

The human condition is a projected part of a whole being of reality, projected through the CNS in projected space.

We are turned inside out from the whole self, as if it were, sput out through nervous activity from the solid organic matter of the brain and spine.


Mind’s spread from above. In our self and with what we experience, we identify with the world in front.

Thus displaced projected from our whole, we disassociate within projection into different aspects.

Further we are isolated from our whole as we identify, in our self and with what we experience, between those disassociated parts.

In our actuality, occupying space as projection, can we refer to our whole as a part.

CNS projection 3, realms levels, above and below

Realms levels, above and below

the human condition 0022 23May17 – conscious experience and self witnessed in projected space



the human condition and reality
– conscious experience and self witnessed, in projected space

Is it about being?
Or is it state of being?

Is it about doing or what we do?
Saying and what is said.

We read,
gawk and talk.

Cognitive conscious experience and self,
our knowing of the world we see
and our seeing when we understand.

With sense of body and the world,
our reality of conscious experience and self is witnessed,
a float within incomplete boundaries and spaces
that open and extend different ways,
in different directions.

Within projection is disassociation that differentiate, displace and locate, into the
the various aspects that make-up or construct our reality.

It is something like the multiplying of cells, as one cell doubles and divides into two cells. Within an organism, cells specialise or differentiate, as particular parts to its whole, and in relation to other parts locate (orientation in space) and in relation with its whole (orientation with whole being).

Our whole includes us, as self or identity, as a part of his or her projected part – we are a part of a projected part of who also has solid body and organ parts, and who is more than the sum of those projected and solid parts.

We are a projected part in a projected reality. It includes as its parts, our inside and outside worlds, our sense of being in them, and the empty spaces that extend between and beyond the disassociated and displaced projected parts.

A whole being of reality
“projects” our reality,
of conscious experience and self

Through the CNS we are displaced,
from whole body and being who is also whole self,

into projection
our placement in space.

Turned inside out, as if it were
from whole body through solid organ,
functioning brain and spine,
to projection
into space projected
disassociated and bundled, twists and loops.

Figure &8
float our bundle through,
corner our realms through levels to depths,
underside, other-side, beyond.

The core is the reference for our upright float
vertical axis to horizons’ float.

The core is the reference for the whole being
and the brain and spine,
CNS’ level and vertical float
an orientation to our projected float.

With sense of axis,
up-righted square with spread
held in Rubix-ed lattice matrix,
captured in space
of lost and bubbled bloat
occupying space.

We present to our whole in referring to his or her core.

Let the hum of nervous activity reach us,
of structure, form, and substance,
the brain’s dome split Left Right,
underside level with horizon,
and vertical spine to nerve roots and tip,
of their float in whole body
as integral organ and part.
(CNS Central Nervous System formerly includes the brain, spine and nerve roots.)

Let us, projected part, be touched
and in our being as projection,
by some thing of our whole maker,
our making and
for being a part.

We are a geometric piece, in our actuality as projection, to an architectural structure, levelled with spread and layered, that is engineered for our piece as part to integrate with its whole, a process of becoming a part.

hc.r Aut3 new moon

tt 23May17
updated 31May17

“x 3 stuck impossibly”

cog, mind133We are three times stuck, separated from our whole being, impossibly it seems – unless we refer to, from our actuality as projection (through the Central Nervous System), the whole self who encompass and permeate 1 our outside and inside; 2 our self, and our sense of others and the world; 3 our “here and now” and sense of the past and future.

1 Where we meet the world through the “needle’s eye”.
I’m it/ that’s the world out there
2 Where, at our deepest sense, the world and our self seem separate.
self/ others, the world
3 Where we cannot pull through the past or the future to the here and now.
self/ not self, exist/ not exist
cog, mind134


The conscious and the witness

witness bodies layered as captured from behind

witness bodies layered as captured from behind

Components of our reality, in space : as projected or placed by our whole, through the CNS (Central Nervous System).

Our reality consists of 1) our self or identity (having an experience or experiencing), 2) our deeper being, 3) what we experience of the world including other whole beings of reality, and our worlds or realms within, 4) all that is necessary for us having an experience, before the CNS and the projection of these components, including the conscious and the witness, 5) the spaces between these components.

We may know or recognise that we are conscious and that we are conscious of our self (self conscious) and what we experience. Intentionality describes the nature of the conscious being conscious of something, ie., of our self and of what we may experience in our reality.

To witness is a familiar act and experience of observance. However, the witness as a noun or entity is difficult to determine, as the actuality or existence of the self is. We can determine what we experience, but the self as the experience-er is subject to the difficulty of self-referencing; we cannot determine the determining self (“self-referencing conundrum”).

The witness is a step removed again.We cannot witness the witnessing self. We can infer a witness in being aware of our experiencing self (self aware); it allows for an awareness of what is experienced and of our self. It is a vacuous disassociation behind that , despite its state, occupies space and that position.

The conscious reigns from above our reality. The mind's spread with notion above and sense below, our line-up and facing the world we see, and the mind's identity towards the mid-line.

The conscious reigns from above our reality. The mind’s spread with notion above and sense below, our line-up and facing the world we see, and the mind’s identity towards the mid-line. Centred right and as captured from behind.

These components of our reality may be recognised in their actuality or existence in space as projected parts. The distinction of the witness and conscious is made by this positional distinction from a spatial orientation, of what are there, i.e, in terms of where they are. Otherwise the self-referencing conundrum refuses such differentiation between self-aware and self-conscious.

I label as the conscious what reigns from above our self and our experience, and as the witness the disassociation behind by which we are aware, of what is witnessed.

What is orientated in space of our reality is orientated with our whole self to be “in relation with” our whole self.

“hc is ….” 5

The hc (human condition) is staggered off.


                                                                                                                                                 Portraits of the hcPandora's corner 5 j frame

What’s life?
Gotta happen in reality?
How can you make it happen in reality,
if you can’t make it
in life,
in the city.

Are we, to be?
The suburbs and gardens battery pen zoos
institutionalised bureaucratic human processes
with well-appointed equipment and appliances for mass entertainment.
Our lives.
But we mustn’t stop,
at that.

Human lives we live urban.
Factories of offices, foundries, farms
pre-fab families and shops, friends and homes
spread out just like, because they are,
fans of our over-population.
They disappear over the horizon.

But wait, the point
stop and become a part
of what is, rather who is
in and of, what is
reality and creation.
Settle in your place, as a part of the whole body.4 onion skin

All that surrounds you,
onion skin layers.
From underneath you,
recognize you float.
Embrace your floating axis with spread and
float your diaphragm’s girth on the core
come, ride the stagger
be on top, draw in under.

The hc is “staggered off”, in our
actuality as projection in space, where
we are, as an identity, having an experience;
our more, and our all
encompassed by our whole.

5 stagger and wake, denial, suppr'n, repr'nBetween our self and the rest of creation,
the whole body folds our countenances away.
From having direction, we leave three “wakes”,
displacements within projected space.
We bear upon gravity,
with physical and nervous strain.

Through the levels of our extent,
we push down and suppress our struggles,
repress and push back any confusion,
and deny a side, the other side.
“Cornered off” we hold, away from our wake,
our countenances.

(see Ascending assertion.

“hc is ….” 3

The human condition is ….
out on a limb – ascending assertion.
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Out on a limb
we follow our whim
our rest is left, below and behind

Right is might
and in the light
vectored up, front and to the right

ascending assertion Jan12

In virtuality a true indication
in actuality a projection
we and our reality are a part of a whole being
a whole self who is the whole body in reality

This profundity may sway
our reality sublime
but isolated we lay
our part in our play
away from to whom we belong as a part

Through his/her depths
we are set in and out
by people dear and foreign
to cosmic depths set by parents
split egg and sperm before our conception

The whole body awaits
our return
to our place and play as a part

We as a part have a part to play
but lost in our play we lose our part
we are lost, as a part is without its whole
out on a limb with nothing but our whim

Life-style and consumerism, occupation and diversion
work and play, survival and reproduction
have their place only as parts of
a whole godly being who encompasses our all
present in the present, alive in creation
solid in gravity amongst other wholes on Earth


“hc is ….” 1

The human condition is ….
centred right.

The human condition is projection. Our self and our experience, including the world, are created and placed or projected (wave or particle) by the whole body from the Nervous System, the brain-spine and nerves.

We are normally identified with the symmetry of our reality, of the world we line up with and face as our self or identity having an experience, with the witness behind. Our deeper sense of self, one another and the world are also “centred” or set within our symmetry. The depth of our make-up is placed in relation with the whole body as projected by the whole body. When we relate our projected make-up with the whole body, we may find “where” our projected actuality is placed.

centred right from above

centred right from above

As I face the wot (world out there), I find the make-up and actuality of my reality, placed through the right side of the whole body. This is apparently the case for others that I have shared “orientation” with, of our actuality  in space, including the world, and in relation with the whole body. It includes left handed and left eye dominant people I have met. It seems our reality is projected through and centred on the right of the whole body.

I do not mean to make a point, to be “correct or right about”. Our projected actuality is not that, a point to correct or to be correct about. Beyond the what or why of our reality, it is there! We exist, we are here, but as projection. The “where” of our actuality is an important clue, whether centred through the right or not, to being a projected part and so regard one’s whole.

Our self and our reality may be captured as they are, “where” they are projected and placed, whereby we may be in relation with the whole body, who must be there. This is “Orientation”, of our projected actuality in space, and with the whole body. The whole body is our whole self, a whole being who is more than the sum of his/her parts, in and of reality, alive in creation, and among other wholes. We are more integral, connected and freer as a part, and our whole is more complete with less isolated parts (see “Part theory”, first of the Three pillars of Gendo).

The placement of our projected reality is as fundamental as where our sided organs are in relation with their whole (heart, stomach, spleen and pancreas, liver and gall bladder, ascending and descending colons the left and right kidneys and gonads). From our isolating identification with what is in our reality, we may integrate and extend to a greater part and deeper make-up or being, by being in relation with the whole body to whom we belong. In this process, I recognise an apparent association with various organs of the whole body, and in particular the Central Nervous System, of our brain-spine and nerve roots, their float, and tether though peripheral nerves, to whole body.

Only in our mind and only in concept, can we uphold, a Nervous System separate from its whole or a whole separate from its parts. We in our mind are separate. Transcending that separation is our relation with our whole who encompass our all.

I welcome any interest in this approach to and unfolding of our phenomena as a projected “construct” or make-up. “Orientation” allows us to capture our self and reality as projected actuality in space, and takes us in our part as projected and placed by the whole self, to be in relation with our whole.


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