Conclude “I’m it”

“I’m it”
to the hype
all seem mad
meaningless as we
quicken the end

the exponential peak
is also our fall
determines our part
judge fool
isolated from what whole?
our fate
in a hole

our true destiny is
with our whole
be concealed
from the floating world
abide in what endures
it is a who
our whole is

our sense of the hype
what we conclude
of our self and reality
valid in what they are
a part of a whole who is
present in the present
alive in creation

conclude then
“I’m a part”
relate with the whole self
a whole human being
free your self
as part of that whole
who encompass our all


I am
an individual identity
a part of a whole being in creation

I exist
as projection
created and placed
in a bubble of projection
by a whole self in reality

I breathe
as the whole body breathes in reality

I act
as the whole body does in reality

I live
within an apparent universe
as part of life itself
– who is a whole human being
one of many
and who encompasses my sense
of one another and the world

God is both transcendent of
and immanent within
that whole self
as All creation


Conscious mind witnessed           

notion and sense, conscious mind

notion and sense, conscious mind

We are
conscious mind
notion and sense

Our deepest sense and presence
of the world, others
and our self,
their actuality
including the witness’,
as projection
may be
related to that whole
who projects our all,
of whom we areimg072
a projected part,
by whom we, as identity
and our reality
of having an experience witnessed,
are projected through
the brain and spinal cord (CNS).

Brain spine and nerve roots floating on end, tapering tip and top a split.

Brain spine and nerve roots floating on end, tapering tip and top a split.

Down through chest, diaphragm and belly
land through deeper being,
other end is a clue
as to our floating part and whole.

The core is the reference.

The journey

Easy to despair with the human condition – stuck in its fate, struggling with particular destinies, displaced from its true destiny as part of its true whole. Not outside nor within, but encompassing all – outside and inside and you, as an identity, in between – subject and object and the witnessing of both. A whole being who creates and places or projects our all.

on and on, the human condition

on and on, the human condition

Never ending it seems,
the journey
but a whole being is there
always, in reality –
for us as an identity
to be and to be with experience

It is not something for us to get or
somewhere to get to
but a whole being there
always, for us to relate with –
that we can be lost from as we identify
with our self and what we experience exclusively

Everything then, is a part
including our self, others and our path –
what you experience and where you get to,
outside or inside, and what you experience then –
everything you experience
in your here and now, dreaming or past
is a projected part of a whole being present
in the present, in reality

Be led

A whole being awaits
our return, our coming home

Under our plank
lost in projection
we await to be met

Be led by your breath
– it gathers your deepest being and out there
your conscious and witness –
and refer to your whole
who must be there
actually breathing
in reality

Be led by your life
and refer to your whole
who must be there
actually living
alive in creation

And by your words and deeds be led
and refer to your whole
who must be there
actually mouthing and doing
amongst other whole beings and entities

First time

Reality is
first time always
beyond our mind
our why’s and
our hear now answers –
that may be wise

Memories pull
in our mind
our past allow
for our here and now,
away from the presence
of our whole
being present in the present

Away from reality
in our mind,
our notions,
sentences and sense
of what makes sense
or not

The whole body is
there, alive in creation
allows for our all
that’s made in our mind for us,
the whole body is
and first time always

No answer

There are no answers
not without questions
and there are no questions
not without me
thee identity

As identity we be
a part of our whole created and placed, projected
by a whole human being
from his/her brain-spine, but why?

I am and why
statement and question
X and Y
both exist as projected actualities
both encompassed by a whole

Sperm and egg together made whole
opposites of a species
make one all that
divided and differentiated
to separate parts of a whole

With projection
we are further disassociated
to be and exist
as projected actuality
an identity and why?

Question in this
your part, place and actuality
and wait in Emptiness
Nothingness is the response
the presence of whom you belong to

And in what happens
is the response
whole truth
that changes both
you and your question

In becoming a part
and with no answer to our questions
is a return,
regression from a world of answers
that leaves more questions

In becoming a part
is our truth
it is what we are
of a whole being
who is and does

Questions unanswered  

We are too
quick to the chase
end game defines
our purpose and truth

Happiness too
becomes a thing to chase
wonderment refines
our part but struth

What to do?
shatters our place
so what? undermines
our uncertain truth

Awe and you
allow innocence to chance
with witness divines
our part in living being whole truth