Self-s and the whole body

Can we not discriminate
whole self from self

Our conscious self
or the self that is conscious

Our witnessing self
or the self that witnesses

Our experiencing self
or the self that experiences

Our deeper being
or the self that is deep within

Our self-s that differ
with different experiences and company
on different occasions
in different situations

Our truth may then be established authentic
as a part of a whole being and whole self
complete amongst other wholes
consistent in reality and
dynamic in creation,
the living whole body
of matter in gravity and present in the present

How can it be
I exist
in a symmetry
seemingly real except,
my front is different from my back
and there’s a witnessing from behind.

Can I be
as a part true
of my whole
in reality,
my inside and out and what’s beyond
conscious of and witnessed.

It works!

If something worked
we say it works
and we think it’s because
“I tried it”

What is “I”, what is “it’
and what is trying
and deciding what to try

The world is happening
am I in it, or choose to join it

The whole body is in reality
and gives us, in our virtual version,
room to consider
How long should we consider
or  should we not

Why don’t we refer
to the whole who gives
us the questions and the choices
and allows for us to think we decide

Decide and act
what should I do
what do I want
what do we need

We reflect
inside and out
with our self or with others and the world

our backdrop
to our inside and out,
the witness to our
thinking, assuming, believing
I see, I decide, I try

Actuality is our
to our whole

Innocence gone

Just be
with me
Can we
just see
what happens
when we
just be
Or is it too late

Is there no God
is there no hope
sustainability, life?

Innocence gone
know so much, even the limits of knowing
accountable and transparent apparently

Is this it or
can we find
our place as part of our whole


It’s not
something to get.
We are conscious and aware
but we forget,
we fare
mother’s womb.

With shock
we forget.
We were plugged and contained
so we get
wot we experience.

wot : the world out there

wot : the world out there

and aware.
We were closer than close in mother’s womb
we forget,
yet expect
look to get.

Can’t be touched
where we sense.
Except by whole being, born of womb
but we get
what we get.

We are
a part.
Plugged and contained
but get this,
projection and
not in womb.

Whole body
is there.
Alive in creation, present in the present
no buts to get,
be a part of, lets,
us be a part let.



fore getting
and the forgetting
known and the unknown
emotive, somatic, gut instinctive, intuitive, mystic, cosmic and spiritual
our part and our whole


wot : the world out there
projection : the creation and placement of our reality including our self by the whole self, from the whole body’s Central Nervous System.


The wilderness of our whole being :
Not an institutionally designated one
or that’s determined in our mind.
Encompasses our all
that we may notice and sense.
Resides in creation
in and of reality.

Allow for our whole
for he or she allows for our all;
we and our reality being
projected parts.

Beyond our wishes and plans
our knowing and know how
our all may be,
through us but in our whole.

Sustainable presence
as we settle our part
in harmony and balance
within our whole.

counter levering strain

output_IGoXD6Cornered off
in a counter levering strain
our right centred spread placed
up right front
face the front
lined up

1 or 0, 1 to 10
in mind’s spread
lined up and facing the front
in side middle out
centred right
up right

Middle centred right cast
counter levering strain

Conscious mind
body sense
from spine