Absolutely, in our reality

Reality is the one and only whole.

Essentially we are a part.
Fundamentally projection — our reality emanates or flows out,
projected from our whole, through the CNS (Central nervous System).

In absolute terms “it’s all experience”, and :
 our self having an experience;
 the conscious by which we are conscious
of space, what we experience in it and our self; and
 the witness by which we are aware
of time and the unfolding of our self and experience or
what the witness witnesses.

“It’s all experience” helps detach us from what we experience.
We are released by taking our reality “all the way”, to this absolute.

001a sm 6Nov17 time space. Conscious mind set in time coupled space.

Witnessed from behind, time set cornered across; conscious opens space from above

By witness, we’re aware of the conscious, and
what the conscious is conscious of,
of our self and what we experience.
There is absolution, with distinction.

Time and space may  un-couple now, in our reality.

Inner spread slide solipsistic to other side
and splits with existential centred right,
open through  the levels
cognitive emotive somatic (cog emo som).003b




Lost part

lost within
dark depths
alone with
floating shadows

line of enquiry
generate story
fairly fathomed
functional fields
swallow questions
and their answers

lost within
beyond stories
about others
the world
a self

which self
found lost
many places
lost found
in between

all lost
from their whole
ready to be
found in
relation with
their whole
as a part
all parts of
their whole
your whole
its whole


Orientation hc.r 6Nov17 002


001a sm 6Nov17 time space. Conscious mind set in time coupled space.





set in time
coupled space”




“Vision Space

Sound time







001d sm 6Nov17 in-mid-out cons, mind, soul, 7


001c 007 gif Numbers 2.0s x5Our reality is
and self




turned out front around the right, front back behind, conscious, soul and 7″

001c sm 6Nov17 numbers 3 grey col stag 3003-bb-sm-col-early17-before-mereology-stagger-set-our-bodies.jpg








early’17 before mereology
                       “Stagger set, our bodies” 


Orientation hc.r 6Nov17


001a sm 6Nov17 time space. Conscious mind set in time coupled space.









set in time
coupled space”003-ac-6nov-in-mid-out-vision-sound-only2-e1509973406345.jpg


“Vision Space
Sound time






001d sm 6Nov17 in-mid-out cons, mind, soul, 7


Our reality is
and self











turned out front around the right, front back behind, conscious, soul and 7″



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001c sm 6Nov17 numbers 2“Numbers; centred
staggered right,
in the light”



001c 007 gif Numbers 2.0s x5.gif001c sm 6Nov17 numbers 3 grey col stag 3






















before mereology

“Stagger set, our bodies”



Reality is a mystery – Ed 2

Reality is a mystery for us
because we’re a part;
message 02not for us to experience and get,
not in the way we consider direct,
not within our reality yet,
immanent in Everything, perfused through,
in being a part.

As self or identity within our reality
of conscious experience and self witnessed, where
we experience what we experience, directly
but surrounded by other parts disassociated,
within our reality including both
the conscious by which we’re conscious of
and witness by which we’re aware;
we are displaced from and coupled to them.

We are free to choose, to consider or deny,
determine or mesmerise with
what we experience;
our Unknowing extends beyond,
our whole contains our all as a part,
the mystery is our whole
and our being a part!

Be free as a part;
beyond displacement and choice,
the mystery of our whole is Reality;
it encompasses our all
immanent is Reality in us,
in our becoming a part of our whole.

Edit 2 from Orig’ly bloged 30Oct17



Reality, Entirety, the one and only whole, All-Creation-God 3

message 10a“Orientation” comes of
1) the “actuality” of our self and our reality as a part of our whole,
2) the understanding of parts and wholes (mereology), and
3) Reality as Entirety, the one and only whole, and All-Creation-God.

Our reality, occupies space. As self or identity, we are a part of a geometric piece, held within greater “projected” structures. Of realms, shapes, levels and layers, all of our self and what we experience, is enmeshed in projection. It emanates or flows out from our whole, through the CNS (Central Nervous System).

We normally “live”, as self or identity, in our reality of conscious experience, identifying with what we determine ”what’s what” of our reality, that is relative within context and depends on perspective. However, in absolute terms it’s all experience which releases the self having an experience, from what is experienced. (The distinction between experience itself and what is experienced, is well established in phenomenology.)

From “what” we experience, that is determined relative within context, and the existential absolution and detachment of “it’s all experience”, we step further into what is fundamental of our reality, which is projection.

Projection is our “actuality”, the existence in fact of our reality, as placed in space by our whole, through the CNS. Projection is what our reality, including our self, is; we can reduce all human reality, to conscious experience and self, and projection. However, this fundamental, seemingly cold and inert fact about our reality, must imply our living whole being of Reality, and our being a part of him or her. Our whole is next to other whole beings and in Reality, while we tend to identify exclusively with what we experience of the world, which is an indication of people and things in Reality.

While projection is the mechanism, of “how” our reality comes to be, just as significant is our being a part which addresses the “why” question of our self and our reality. It is answered indirectly, in terms of our whole being, who projects our part. We must look to a relation with our whole, as a part, because we are a part.

So, where is our whole? Where is it, or rather, he or she? What about Reality?

message 01A part displaces its whole. From the perspective of the part, there is no “Whole”, only the “Rest of whole”. The “Whole” leaves (of necessity) the “Part” and the “Rest of whole”, transcendent of, or displaced from them both. We can see in Diag. 1, the “Whole” is transcendent of, is immanent in or pervades, and encompasses, the “Part” and the “Rest of whole”.

Diag. 1 “A part displaces its whole, for being a part.”

The rest of our whole, include  indications of what are “different aspects of Reality”. These aspects of Reality, indicated in our reality,  include life, matter, whole things human things, space and time. They make-up our phenomenal world we experience and may try to understand and know.

Aspects and their tangents.jpgOur enquiries and endeavours, each reach far, penetrating boundaries of our knowing and known world, seemingly closer through mystery towards Reality, but in its aspectsThey are the tangents of linear reduction, necessarily bound, to “us” as self, observer and the grasper (with mind and within mind), where they (the tangents) start from. These tangents, our deterministic quests within the aspects, can never meet or reach Reality, but point through their particular field or aspect of Reality.

While string theory may tie relativity and the quantum, our knowing in those fields of physics extend beyond the intuitive, and do not include other theories about other aspects of Reality such as life or humanity. Our knowledge of life for example, includes the mapped brain, mapped genes and listed bio-chemical processes of cells, and points in “tangents”, seemingly towards what may control and co-ordinate their expression beyond our frontiers. The point is that everything of our reality is a part of our whole and Reality. While including our part, with our aspects of Reality, our enquiry into them, the applications of our proven theories and our experiences of their workings, our whole is of Reality.

W 700ms edited seq'ceBeyond our cognitive or knowing domain, we join with others, in our conscious, emotive, and somatic or deeper being levels. We are also a part in instinctive, intuitive, as well as mystic realms of archetypal entities, and into the subconscious.

Projection allows us to extend through some of these dimensions, but not necessarily all or many, to be in relation with our whole as a part. Beyond what you may gain, where you may get to in your reality of conscious experience, and what you may become in your self, look to your relation with your whole, and the immanence of Reality in this relation with your whole, as a part.

“Everything, of you and what you experience, is a part of your whole.”


Reality and our part”

Reality is an Entirety, Poem Straight up JUn17 (5)
the one and only whole,

All wholes transcend their parts,
being displaced by their parts, but are
immanent in their parts, and
encompassing of them all.

All-Creation-God pervades
all parts and wholes, Everything is
immanent in us and our all also,
by our being a part
of our
individual whole.

Of conscious self and experience,
of aspects of things in reality, our reality
is a part of our whole,
projected through the CNS,
by our whole.


“Everything, of you and what you experience, is a part of your whole.”


Atman and Brahman, are the whole self of Reality and Reality, and also Nothingness, the absence of our whole from our projected part (mu of Zen Buddhism)  and “the Way” (Dao of Daoism). Within Emptiness (kuu of Zen Buddhism), of disassociation within our projected reality, we are set linear with what we experience; and we open and extend, different ways in different directions. Our all is within brain-spine (CNS) projection, that is a part of our whole, a whole being of Reality. There is more (to our all that is consciousness and witnessed) but beyond our more, or less, our inside and out, is our whole.

Blog entry search Nothingness, Emptiness, Spirit – https://realityhc.wordpress.com/?s=Nothingness%2C+emptiness%2C+spirit&submit=Searc


Lost aparts

Sydney. A cool wintery day in mid-spring. Welcomed rain may be a sign of a wet La-nina summer to come.


Lost aparts

text and talk
reinforce our gawk
where’s the walk
way home

contexted content, parcelled particle
fielded fields of propagated paganda

words in print incite in mind
text in screen penetrate clean,
save the whales, don’t eat cows
choose what you want, and get your sleep tight

how do you know?
what do you care for?
what do you do?
how do you think to know?

what to click?
push the cursor to
a box to tick?
there’s a mouse
an arm
your neck’s a crick?

Poem Straight up JUn17 (2cc)heads up you’re lined up
from within a head

it’s of the one seated
facing the screen you glean

all is sense within your reality
what makes sense insighted insitu
before there ever was
a screen a head
of you

Pandora's corner 5 j framebut your head
is a clue
inside outside go through you
within your sense, an innocent inner sense,
of a head

all apart lost
but within your whole
surrender sacrifice
present your part
disintegrate in your whole’s embrace

transcendent though
your whole from you
everything of you is a part of your whole

interface less friendly, with change ever user friendly
the cursor you may curse, perhaps even for clicking onto here
everything of you is a part of your whole


Everything of our reality is within our whole, including what we divide self and environment. He or she is more than the sum, of our self, the solid body, and our sense of the world. Our whole is of Reality, touched by the Rest of Reality, of Nature, beyond our sense, is of Wilderness and includes our sense of technology, development and progress.

And Reality, Entirety, the one and only whole, encompasses our part, our whole, all other parts and wholes, and is more than their sum.


Within our reality, we may be in relation with our transcendent whole, and immanent of him or her and Reality, in becoming a part.



It’s all about ….

Not about your part
not about your whole
no goal as such
or point to match,
but look to a relation
as a part
with your transcendent whole.

Poem Straight up JUn17 (2cc)Empirical your part
when captured in space
projected is your reality
in shapes as “actuality”,
but only as to refer to
as a part
to your whole being in Reality

message 02Immanent your part
of Reality through your whole
everything of you
is touched anew,
but only in becoming
a part
of who’s a part of the one and only whole.


In being in relation with your whole as a part, you will change, get to places, and gain things, but they are all within your reality of conscious experience and self witnessed. Everything of you is a part of your whole. Look to a relation with your whole, as a part.

To this, we can add the immanence of Reality, in us as a part of our whole. Consider and develop a taste for this immanence.