New season’s start, Old season’s closure Spr1

2 Spr11st moon of spring brings on the new season and casts off the last, which becomes the old season. Now closed completely, old season drifts across into the “floating erect protozoa” (light lines, just to the right of old) the cast off shells from past seasons of the erect protozoa – our seasonal conception and passage, is drummed on annually with the trauma of birth (see The seasons : Spr1).

New season establishes itself, centred right with broad spread and under-bellied depth, set across by the “trauma of birth” on the other side. Not yet self conscious, unknowingly engaged with the world out there, it is front facing through a hazy spring depth. Already starting to tilt forwards, we are set to “step up” (see W3 Spr0, the seasons).

Winter’s end, Spring beginning W3 Spr0

3rd moon of winter brings this season to it’s final wrap-up.

Drawn up, forwards to the front, and across centred right, we are closed in this winter’s end but still knowing of the world out there. There is a gap behind to the next season’s beginning.

Of inert front facing broad spread and deep extent, it is ready in it’s centering on the right to engage with and step up into the world out there, where by “next season” will become “this season” and be further displaced from the other side.

W3 Spr0

The seasons

I’m starting a new blog section or category called “the seasons”. It will plot the annual progression of our projected actuality.

the seasonsWe are affected by the cycle of the seasons in our actuality as a projected part of our whole self.

The construct or make-up of our reality is packaged in bubbles of space that is dispatched from our depths, churned with each lunar cycle and progresses annually as marked by the 13 moons of the year.

I abbreviate and number each moon Spr1,2,3, Sum1,2,3, LSum (late summer), Aut1,2,3, W(winter)1,2 and 3.

3rd moon of autumn

3rd moon of autumn for storage, in the southern hemisphere, after the 1st moon of ripening and 2nd moon of harvest. Element is metal, organs Lung and Large Intestine for sadness or melancholy and holding on. We are cast as if in metal in this finality if time at this season’s close before winter’s end.

Autumn 3 Apr15 this with levels b o45

This season’s wrap-up leaves us mostly in the head and pushed across by the next season’s conscious from the mid-line and shifts towards the front .

Autmn 3c2

Next season is still unformed. Its conscious is open above just the developing brain of an early embryo who’s nervous system formed into a tube (neural tube) with the rolling of the two sides of a collection of nervous cells called the neural plate.

The line-up with and the facing of the world out there also resemble the embryo who’s eye is large and agape like a fish’s with no eye lid.


Autumn 3 Apr15 this and next layered, levels

Untitled b

The layering of this season’s projected “body” in front of next season’s, with the levels cognitive, emotive and somatic marked between them cornered, pinched and wrapped and looped. This season’s body should be reduced further through winter, and next season’s establishment through the levels is anticipated here.

Note : as of most of my depictions, the projected bodies of our make-up (construct) are placed in relation with the whole body (out lined) as captured from behind.

2nd moon of Autumn

Loopy L for the last stages of the eternal path2nd moon of autumn, here in Australia of the southern hemisphere, after the 1st moon of ripening and before the 3rd moon for storage. Element is metal, organs are Lung and Large Intestine for sadness or melancholy and holding on. We are cast as if in metal in this finality of time at this season’s close. Then it is winter’s end.

How was this season’s harvest? And your relation with your whole?