Orientation Chapters

This is an original work in progress.

O cover

Click here for Orientation Chapters PDF June12

What is proposed here is based on our reality being a projected actuality, projected by the whole body in reality.

Present in the present, solid in gravity, alive in creation, the whole body is spirited at core, touched by the rest of creation, and next to other whole entities on Earth. The whole body of whom you or I are a projected part, is reality for us.

However, in the human condition, we are isolated from the whole body and so reality, as our reality is created, placed and projected by, and so displaced from, the whole body, and further more as we identify with our self or identity and what we find in our projected reality. This situation we are normally in, must be addressed. As a projected actuality, we may be related with the whole body as a part, and reality introduced. Orientation is a method to do this.

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