Absolutely 2

002 aaa 6Nov17

  • essentially we are a part
  • fundamentally projection
    -we emanate or flow out projected from/by our whole through the CNS (Central Nervous System)
  • in absolute terms, its all experience
    – we identify in what we experience and our stories and thoughts in particular (cognitive). There are emotional aspects and the deeper somatic levels of our being.

Everything is a part of their whole.

002 aaa 6Nov17 cWe are up-front,
lined-up with vision.
There’s depth behind,
breadth and we extend


Absolutely, in our reality

Reality is the one and only whole.

Essentially we are a part.
Fundamentally projection — our reality emanates or flows out,
projected from our whole, through the CNS (Central nervous System).

In absolute terms “it’s all experience”, and :
 our self having an experience;
 the conscious by which we are conscious
of space, what we experience in it and our self; and
 the witness by which we are aware
of time and the unfolding of our self and experience or
what the witness witnesses.

“It’s all experience” helps detach us from what we experience.
We are released by taking our reality “all the way”, to this absolute.

001a sm 6Nov17 time space. Conscious mind set in time coupled space.

Witnessed from behind, time set cornered across; conscious opens space from above

By witness, we’re aware of the conscious, and
what the conscious is conscious of,
of our self and what we experience.
There is absolution, with distinction.

Time and space may  un-couple now, in our reality.

Inner spread slide solipsistic to other side
and splits with existential centred right,
open through  the levels
cognitive emotive somatic (cog emo som).003b




Lost part

lost within
dark depths
alone with
floating shadows

line of enquiry
generate story
fairly fathomed
functional fields
swallow questions
and their answers

lost within
beyond stories
about others
the world
a self

which self
found lost
many places
lost found
in between

all lost
from their whole
ready to be
found in
relation with
their whole
as a part
all parts of
their whole
your whole
its whole