Words 2

Word on words, and the self referencing conundrum. Words themselves are representative, they represent something in our minds. We can talk about the being, happening and doing of things, because that’s what our nouns, adjectives and verbs refer to. Words render our world into representational walls, we wonder around and wonder at, within our reality. […]

Introduction to the witness part 2: There for us to be aware

The witness is there, for us to be aware. The witness is there, for us to be aware. Behind our front and what we experience and behind our selves having an experience. Vacuous disassociation but there. The where of it, to our whole who must be there. Beyond what we can determine, “what’s what” of […]


hc.r : actuality and the “self referencing conundrum” Hi. We’ve been taught to believe in our self. What about your whole self? Do you think it’s natural to believe in our self!? We’re also left on our own, to find our self. Live, experience or do we make our self? Share our self? To be or […]

Video script

I wonder what you think of these scripts for several scenes to a video. I’d appreciate any input. We are conscious # of light # and dark, # Centred right # (turn R) in our line up with and facing # the world out there. # Go under and around # and to the depths […]

“What to do” : 1 Projected actuality

“How it is” : The human condition (hc) is projection, created and placed by the whole body, who is in and of reality “What to do” : To capture the hc as a projected actuality and relate with reality, the whole being alive in creation (Orientation in space and with the whole body) “What happens” […]

What is the witness

The witness is not a “what” a concept or notion but part of the construct for having an experience of the “what” Asking “what is the witness?” is like a camera trying to turn its aperture to capture its film And the self as an actuality cannot be a concept because actuality is not a […]

compilation: of the “Mind’s spread and cornering, centred to the right”

Here is the compilation I mentioned in the previous post. I have put it together as part of my hope and undertaking to convey at least something of the projected actuality of the human condition (hc). This is what I think  the starting point is, in capturing the hc and relating with reality, the whole body alive in creation. I want to follow […]

Our reality and Reality 2/6

Second of six parts to the article as it steps towards its completion. 3 The subjective aspects of our reality The self is difficult to determine. “Who or what am I?” How does one refer to one’s self? Even as words, sentences that refer to themselves or “self-reference” create in many cases confusion in our […]

The witness

The witness. . Displaced behind the void we avoid. . It is the displaced aspect to the manifestant parts, the phenomenal world and our self. . The witness, by which we are aware, front, the phenomenal world back, our self having an experience behind, the witness. . . I think it has this cyclic draw […]