Miracle and knowledge

Miracle is that it is happening – the whole body alive in creation in reality.

That we can separate our individual selves from our whole, to decide what’s going on and what to do within our projected reality, could be an added miracle, but only if we can appreciate our reality as a part.

Fear makes us hold to the sure thing – to what works and what we know. There’s no time to contemplate when pressed to act. Then we stay there, even when the threat or what caused the need to act are gone. We become lost in our knowing, within our reality, isolated from reality.

It’s just like Adam and Eve having eaten from the tree of knowledge, but we can understand our part and return to our place, if we can relate with the whole self. We must understand, for we are lost in knowing.

We must loosen our hold – from where we float identified with our reality, there is back, around and underneath. The whole body needs to extend and fill because he or she has been committed to our part and compromised to support our way. Then beyond our efforts and divergences, which can only be limited in our knowing reality, we must relate with who is beyond our part, beyond unknowing or mystery.  He or she is our whole in reality.