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I like Alan Watts, the serenity of spirituality and I am strongly influenced by Zen. And I feel humanity must clarify its reality to establish the truth, of us as identity being a projected part of the whole self or whole body in creation, in reality.

Our here and now, and our self are witnessed. Our self, our experience of notion and sense including our here and now, the conscious and the witness, as well as our deeper being, are projected parts of our whole – created and placed by the whole self, whole being or whole body from his or her nervous system. The whole body is alive in creation, present in the present, solid in gravity, and amongst other whole entities on Earth. We tend to identify with our self and our reality of experience, in isolation from a possible relation with our whole. In our actuality, inclusive of our witness, we may relate with the whole self, who does not appear or “show himself” in our projected reality or in front of the witness.

Yes, we as the self or identity “seek perfection”, but it is the whole body or whole self who is complete in creation and projects our all, our isolation from as well as our relation with our whole. With integrated parts, he or she may be perfect as well in his or her godliness in creation.



A similar thought to that seen in the last two posts, but this time from the Western tradition, showing a corresponding understanding of the need to stay in the present moment and not in some thought about how an ideal life or an ideal day should be.

You seek perfection, but it lies in everything that happens to you.

Setbacks, actions and impulses  are the mysteries under which God reveals himself to you.

He will never show himself in the shape of that exalted image to which you are attracted to.

Jean Pierre de Caussade, 1675 – 1751, a French jesuit,  whose ideas Alan Watts compared to ones found in Zen Buddhism.

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The exponential splat

There seems to be a consensus,
the end is upon us,
an exponential splat,
we cannot deny but,
in the seventies we saw that,
it would happen about now,
and now
it’s hard to see past the splat.

It seems to quicken as a tsunami wave does when nearing the shallows. Serious and fast, and we are.

I refer to the seventies and Alan Watts :
Allan Watts breaks down what’s wrong with the world (12min)
The Secret of Life – by Alan Watts (4min)

I think it is very helpful for understanding our self and reality and in stopping to connect with the universe and Nature, to discriminate our projected reality from reality, the self, ego, personality or sense and notion of self from whole self, whole being and whole body. That we may realise our self as a part of our whole and actualise our whole in his or her parts becoming integrated rather than isolated parts.