Self-s and the whole body

Can we not discriminate
whole self from self

Our conscious self
or the self that is conscious

Our witnessing self
or the self that witnesses

Our experiencing self
or the self that experiences

Our deeper being
or the self that is deep within

Our self-s that differ
with different experiences and company
on different occasions
in different situations

Our truth may then be established authentic
as a part of a whole being and whole self
complete amongst other wholes
consistent in reality and
dynamic in creation,
the living whole body
of matter in gravity and present in the present

original authentic

In being original, we go against the grain. For our human world as it is, denies the authentic.

We identify with what we think we experience, and what we think we, others and the world are, The whole body, of whom we are, is authentic, in and of reality. We may be true as what we are, a projected part. Instead we think we are, and think we think. The actual self is a void and avoided, and our relation with the whole self is lost. She or he is the authentic being, alive in creation.