Belief and disbelief

I woke today to find myself as I usually do, away from my cognitive self deep in the subconscious shadows where I was expressing my disbelief, “there is no God”.

Where there is belief, there is disbelief.

It is enough that we believe but in insisting or asserting there is struggle – good/bad right/wrong true/false yours/mine belief/disbelief. We should let our polarities be part, so there is a whole.

Being of Reality your whole is alive in Reality, forever changing, as Reality does.

Within our reality of conscious experience and self, there is change, development, resolution, and growth of a certainty that involves us and our struggles. It is an integration that occurs in our relation as part with our whole self, who is beyond or transcendent of our part including our belief and disbelief.


Do you see? to be or not to be.             

     To all selfy acts, not the identity, person or the whole being of whom pictures are of in the act but the act it self, including our statements and expression to communicate.

“Seeing is believing.”
But ….
is it true
is it real
or is that being skeptical?
How can it be
so easy
to believe in what we see.

We try to understand
what we see
and see what we
determine, judge
“Do you see what I mean?”
or what you understand.

It’s what was seen
we conclude upon
argue over in court.
Our notion follows
what we sense
rather than our
common sense,
we don’t mean to be mean.

It’s actuality in what we are
authenticity in being a part
lost with who is not seen.
Our whole being of reality
not to be seen or understood
is beyond our belief
a mystery.
Do you see?


– in response to a story about a death cult

Certainty leads to drastic measures and conclusions. We check-mate our lives as a logical consequence of what we may determine.

The more we feel responsible, the greater our convictions; it is easy to feel there’s no place for doubt when there are others to lead or be responsible for. Our validation should be on the basis of who is alive and will die, and who is next to other wholes, the whole body. We as identity and our beliefs, our dependence and independence, are a part of him or her. Act as a part of the one who in reality does things. But the world is running on suicide missions and murders, based on a common delusion, “I’m it”, “that’s the world” and “”it’s up to me”.

It’s hard to avoid being a part of the madness. It denies our whole and we hold to our self, to sacrifice, consume or just pass on by. The whole body is beyond what is to us in projection direct or tangible, in the subtle or mysterious realm of reality.

While the whole body is alive, and Earth sustains our life style, we can find ourselves in creation, as part of our living whole.