Onenesses (oneness and the chakras)

I have introduced the spirit as the one essence of All creation and the whole body (see emptiness, nothingness and the spirit). As of any experience, we may regard all possible manifestations of the spirit as projection, and refer to the whole body that we and our experience belong to as projected parts.

Oneness, associated with the dissolution of the self or ego, is recognised as a core universal, cosmic or divine truth worldwide. It is felt and held to be the fundamental reason and force for life and existence, of an all-inclusive reality, love, or god – omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient (all knowing) and eternal. Most cultures believe, understand, and know of it in religious, spiritual, mystical, or personal contexts.

The dissolution of our self can occur as we become a part of the whole body, where conscious experience is with no self or of any particular experience (with no self to determine the experience). This does not make sense for the self. It is beyond our knowing and understanding, from beyond even our unknowing. There, is a profound reckoning. We are left with what is remembered of it as we come out of oneness, back towards our usual state and manifestation, of disassociation and identification, sense and what we determine.

Often there is a struggle to incorporate the experience, of the state of oneness, into an individual’s life or world view (“what was that all about”), and to revisit the state, which often is a once in a life-time occurrence. Some may wish and attempt to abide in oneness, but generally it is not considered a state or place to be or live in permanently.

The state of oneness is different to the experience of (the manifestation of) the one spirit, where the familiarity of the self having an experience remains intact. The whole body may manifest at the core, one with the whole of creation or All creation as spirit (at the base of the dome of the diaphragm), but also in order down from the diaphragm, one with all humanity (all whole human bodies), with all life on Earth, and one with Earth, as well as, from the diaphragm up, one with All creation, all emotion, all feeling, all thought, all conscious, and all space. Thus, there are different manifestations of onenesses through the depths of the whole body.Untitled

Whereas in transcendence we are still there as the witness to witness or be aware of the manifestations of onenesses, it seems in the states of oneness that there is no self and we become the one essence, of the whole entity and the various “all-s”.

The whole body who is real, substantial, and of creation is displaced by projection and manifests as projection in the various onenesses at the core of the various Nothingnesses, and as Nothingness.

Immanence refers to a divine presence manifesting in, pervading or being the material world. It contrasts with a transcendent God, outside the world and beyond its time, space and causality, well placed to create or to have created the world. Whether “God is immanent, transcendent, both or neither”, is sensed, experienced or contemplated, within our reality of projection, in Emptiness of disassociation. We can say of our world, our sense of others and our self that the whole body is immanent in them for they are of his/her projection, as well as transcendent of them for he/she is beyond projection.

It is important to understand that all human experiences, including oneness (state and manifestation of), are brain-spine projection. The whole body encompasses all human processes, including the isolating identification with what we experience within our projected reality (within Emptiness). In relating with the whole body we may be touched by oneness. The whole self is spirited, not the self. The whole body is touched by the rest of creation, not the self.