New season’s start, Old season’s closure Spr1

2 Spr11st moon of spring brings on the new season and casts off the last, which becomes the old season. Now closed completely, old season drifts across into the “floating erect protozoa” (light lines, just to the right of old) the cast off shells from past seasons of the erect protozoa – our seasonal conception and passage, is drummed on annually with the trauma of birth (see The seasons : Spr1).

New season establishes itself, centred right with broad spread and under-bellied depth, set across by the “trauma of birth” on the other side. Not yet self conscious, unknowingly engaged with the world out there, it is front facing through a hazy spring depth. Already starting to tilt forwards, we are set to “step up” (see W3 Spr0, the seasons).

Like a volcano-logist might

What the whole body hears with ears, is projected. We are in projection and hear it. And so with vision, our other senses and what we experience.  “WE hears it, we sees it and we thinks we are hearing and seeing” when it is the whole body who has the ears and eyes, and head and body, projects our reality where we exist and where our experience exists as projection, projected in space and as actuality. “Orientation” captures our reality in space as projected actuality, and places  it in relation with the whole body through projection. The whole body creates our reality and places or “projects” it from his/her brain and spine or the Central Nervous System.

vol 3Let us place our selves in this model of our self and apply it as a scientist, say a volcanologist might step into the volcano of his experiment and study.

As if a passionate volcanologist trying to tap into the very existence of his study, be also the probes that are swallowed by the whole enormity and intensity of noise, heat, movement, light and forms of molten flames and lava, except it is the whole body, our whole living being of creation, and our subtle relation with. Beyond the blur of our self and our reality, in our actuality, the whole body who must be there, who projects our reality, our whole being self of reality there –

Everything that is experience
and all that you may be,
in projection you and your reality be,
and in relation with
whole being be,
in orientation with.

Like a sacrifice,
or is it an experiment.

We gawk at the logic
stare at the world
and others
as viewed
be meused (muse/me use), they self
having an experience and sense

Exist actual as projection,
human condition, state and existence
in relation with our whole

  • part of whole being
    of creation
    present in the present
    on Earth
  • eats, sleeps, walks around
    the zoo pen, compound

(mid to late 1970’s –  more than 50% of global population in urban development or cities, with decreasing numbers in agriculture based settlement; biomass for humans on an exponential curve, has effects (the “TT dish”); polar ice cap melt Russian submarine at Nth pole then, mentioned on one national radio news broad cast and not repeated or quoted since, and now polar bears are telling us about the Nth pole, mass extinction, we are talking bio-mass, we cost, and there’s 7billion of us; we are all a part, of our whole self, and the whole self of Earth.)

What happened

X marks the spot
Y goes on and on (god knows why)
till conception establish
whole being happening

Then we turn on
conscious and aware
a part of whole being
apart from whole being

Born to identify and determine
what we think is happening
and we go around
as the “I’m it” identity –
away from the whole self
in and of reality

“Hold on gravity”

hold on gravity with top and bottom flagella

Depictions and a description of the “hold on gravity”.


The “hold on gravity” is the necessary displacement of reality for our particular reality we experience and including our self, to manifest as actuality. The reality of whole beings, whole entities, dust, vapours and gases in and of gravity, space and time, are displaced necessarily for the creation and placement or projection of our reality – our space, time and what manifests of our self, others and our world for us to experience. An individual whole body projects our reality, and in the “hold on gravity” is the displacement, of the whole body solid in and of gravity and present in the present, indicated.

hold on gravity

Our projected actuality is “held” by the “hold on gravity”, throughout the levels. Our cognitive sense set by contrast, from five senses and with various perspectives. Our emotive sense is set by conflict from differing emotions. Somatic or bodily sense from our parts will contradict. Our gut instincts of will, desire and need conspire, and our intuitive or direct and immediate sense we are ultimately taken by confirm or condemn what we may determine of our reality, against the “hold on gravity”.

hold on gravity on erect protozoa

hold on gravity with the conscious and its heel on the whole body

hold on gravity with mind body, conscious and its heel and cornered levels

The “hold on gravity” is also conception, the end point of regression, and the origin/beginning of a living whole being in creation – in his or her singular essence at conception, a single cell, “cosmic”.