What is this
our reality,
yours different from mine?

We pretend to be
on the same one page
till no longer we fit,
and turn to yours and mine.

Individual yet dependent
free yet in context
you and me
in your reality,
you and me in mine.

Where can we meet
should we text
whose place, page or reality?

We seem authentic but
it’s our wholes who are together
transcendent of our parts,
in and of Reality.


Is it a conspiracy ?

What’s the point ?
Who cares ?
Dammed if you do anything, and
dammed if you don’t.

To be and struggle or not and accept.
Is it OK or just how it is ?
Is it a conspiracy or the hc (human condition),
to deny the whole body and our relation with ?

Good bad, right wrong, true false,
yes, there’s more
but it’s all experience;
hedonistic happiness,
perceived purpose,
resistance builds where
we resign and retire against our reign.
How ‘bout considering a whole being
there always encompassing our all.