Winter 3 : end

seasons1 16 W3 001As we pass Winter’s third half moon,
we continue to rise and go forth
in our annual season’s setting,
even as the next season’s is unveiled
within definitive depths and breadth.

From last moon’s attenuation
into winter’s solid conclusion,
we await winter’s end
like a “death star” about to explode.

seasons1 16 W3 003seasons1 16 W3 002seasons1 16 W3 004

The seasons

I’m starting a new blog section or category called “the seasons”. It will plot the annual progression of our projected actuality.

the seasonsWe are affected by the cycle of the seasons in our actuality as a projected part of our whole self.

The construct or make-up of our reality is packaged in bubbles of space that is dispatched from our depths, churned with each lunar cycle and progresses annually as marked by the 13 moons of the year.

I abbreviate and number each moon Spr1,2,3, Sum1,2,3, LSum (late summer), Aut1,2,3, W(winter)1,2 and 3.