Your reality, a whole being, Reality

Seek not just this or that
what you determine in notion and sense
but abide in what must be theremessage 02
the one and only whole that is Reality
of which your whole is a part.

Words incite the grasping mind
senses lead to a succouring latch
but abide in who must be there
a whole being who is of Reality
of whom your reality is a part.

“Seek not just this or that”. Our reality is conscious experience and self witnessed. Everything of our self and experience is a part of our whole self or being, who is of Reality. What we seek as well as our seeking, is also a part of our whole.

We cannot seek or approach our whole directly for the whole is displaced and transcendent of its parts. However, as a part we may “abide in who  must be there” in Reality. And because our whole is of Reality,  we may abide and be touched by Reality in being a part of our whole.

Our projected actuality and the whole body of reality 1

1 The 3 bodies

Our reality may be recognised in terms of its “construct” or make-up. It includes the identity or self, who is having an experience, the world, others and our inner realities we may experience, the conscious by which we have or are conscious of our reality, a witness by which we are aware of our reality (of our self and our experiences), and our deeper feelings and deeper self or being we may be or be aware and conscious of.

Beyond what we may recognise and determine of what makes up our reality, is their actuality or existence as “projection”. By projection, I am referring to the creation and placement of our reality, in “reality” or real space, by the whole body through his/her nervous system.

The whole body is in and of reality. Our reality is a projected part of him/her, our whole. Our reality exists as projection or projected actuality in real space.

Our reality may be captured in space as projected actuality, and as such be in relation with our whole being who is of reality. Otherwise we are isolated in our reality within projection, identified with the “what is what” or what we determine of our reality, away from the actuality of our reality and the whole of whom our reality, its construct and including our self, is a part.

2 The last stages

Centred right

right is might and in the light
we’re where we’re, centred right
it’s just where we’re projected, right
you’re all right
we’re all right
unless body mirrored, left side right

across from the heart and stomach
over liver’s fissure
ascending colon
hold us tight

I’m right centred too, mate (might be)

but so what
who cares, what’s it matter
if we’re right, centred or not

cebtred right 26Oct14 a from aboveactually,
it’s not about
right or wrong
good and bad or true and false
what we judge and
determine what’s what

no, there’s more actually
to our reality
where, as actuality,
we exist – as is, as we do
beyond what’s what,
our feelings and deepest being

there’s the whole body in reality
of whom our reality is
a projected part

from above

from above

and as actuality,
we are related
with our whole
where we’re projected centred right

Beyond what we may determine, or “what’s what”, is our actuality.
Try to determine actuality and you end up with emptiness.

Our actuality is a projected part of a living whole being in reality.
In our actuality, we may relate with our whole who is absent (Nothingness) from where we may determine what we experience.

hc and reality 2 : closer, better, more and beyond

Within the hc, we determine what is in our reality, and go on to judge good/bad, right/wrong and true/false to help choose and decide what to do.

Through our endeavors, we may be closer to reality and truth, more in our good or bad self and better in what we do right. In capturing our reality and our self as projection, in space and in relation with the whole body, with orientation, we are closer to reality, more a part, and better in being a more integrated part.

However, beyond closer, better and more is the absolute truth of projection. Invalid as an isolated part, the whole validates us as a part beyond judgment. And “introducing” his/her presence, relating with his/her actuality in reality, we are encompassed, affected and touched by reality. We are redeemed through and our salvation rests in only this.

tt 5Nov13 Sydney