human condition is our reality

Actuality in space of the projected make-up of our reality, is drawn as captured from behind.

Phenomenology allows for our conscious experience and self, both “as is”, as phenomena. There is hint of a deeper being. There must also be a deeper sense of the world with that deeper being.

Our reality of conscious experience and identified self is witnessed. We are “constructed” or made-up of disassociated parts, in space.

“Constructology” points at the make-up of our reality. We exist within a construct, of our conscious experience and self witnessed. It, including our self and our world, is an incomplete part of a whole being who is in and of reality. In our actuality as projection in space, we in our reality may be in relation with our whole.

Orientation captures our reality as actuality in space and introduces the whole being who creates and through the brain and spine, places and projects our reality.