Arch of Language, our actuality, emanation

Arch of Language.

Metaphoric.007 Ach of language emanence 001c.jpg

Arch your mind of words conscious.
Domed your circle twisted loop.
Founded shoulder might of right.


Actuality talk.

Dips under the conscious.
Domes over cyclic twist.
Finds right shoulder.

More on the Arch of Language, actuality and Munchausen’s trilemma (


We are centred right.


Please respond, if “actuality” is you.

“Our actuality” : The existence in fact of our reality, including the self, as what we are, our self and our reality, a part of our whole, placed in space through our whole, through his or her CNS (Central Nervous System, or the brain and the spinal cord), by “emanation”.

A whole being “emanates” our reality by which we, in our self and our reality, manifest in space.

This is our actuality.

“As a part of our whole” : in our self and our reality, we are a part, of a whole being of Reality (is Entirety, the one and only whole), in our actuality.