Words 1

Words render our world into
representational walls,
we wander around and wonder at,
within our reality.”

Beyond words, try “Experience your self”.

Impossible? Images of a dog running around after its tail, or a snake trying to swallow its own tail, may come to mind.

It is as if we are a part, of an apparatus for having an experience. Like a camera that cannot turn back on itself …..


the human condition 0027 31May – fundamental and universal


the human condition and reality
– fundamental and universal

Universal and fundamental is projection – by our whole being, through the CNS

The human condition and reality, hc.r
Gendo, Orientation

Fundamental and universal, of us and our reality, is projection – our projected “actuality” (in projected space), and our “whole being” of reality who projects us (through his or her CNS or Central Nervous System).
Projection means there’s who projects.
“Behind all this”, our reality, is our whole being, whose CNS is an integral part of him or her.
How can we be in relation with our whole? Why should we care?

In our whole, in his or her projected part,
we have our freedom and place
our existential self and social identity
exhaustion and sleep, vitality and life
our human being-ness and animal nature
the child within us and the regressive forms
our sense of the worlds out-side and within,
of others, places and time,
and of self.

The sub-conscious other-side and
deeper conscious being below,
our conscious and
our sense of boundary and beyond,
they extend
different ways
in different directions.

Our all
and all that we may be,
is a part of our whole.

How may we be,
as part of this whole being?

the human condition 0026 – when I sit with others

Q001 Cursor May17 29052017 003

When I sit with others, and regard my whole, I manifest thus.

A head in the “cone of silence”,
where I see and understand
what’s and who’s in front of me,
myself unseen and not understood.
Q001 Cursor May17 29052017 004

Core’s the reference,
for our part
other-end’s the clue to our whole being of reality.

From where we’re open above
and floating below,
the other-side and outer-side
to our middle centred right,
connect through other-end
and around.

see also hc 0024 – the cursor is a curse
and 0025 – the “cone of silence”

the human condition 0024 – the cursor is a curse

Q001 Cursor May17 29052017 002 bCursor
is a curse

eye hand
coordination and
digital control
a ‘click’ !!

when we palm our mouse
and line our sight with
the cursor,
we’ve stepped
into it

the computer monitor
is a step up and in
from gawkin’ in front of
the TV screen



see also hc 0025 – the “cone of silence”
and hc 0026 – when I sit with others

the human condition 0023 23May17 – definition 05


the human condition and reality
– definiti

CNS projection 1 consc, mind body sense from spine

Conscious, mind, body sense from spine, projected through the solid organic matter of brain and spine


Central Nervous System or brain, spine and nerve roots

The human condition is a projected part of a whole being of reality, projected through the CNS in projected space.

We are turned inside out from the whole self, as if it were, sput out through nervous activity from the solid organic matter of the brain and spine.


Mind’s spread from above. In our self and with what we experience, we identify with the world in front.

Thus displaced projected from our whole, we disassociate within projection into different aspects.

Further we are isolated from our whole as we identify, in our self and with what we experience, between those disassociated parts.

In our actuality, occupying space as projection, can we refer to our whole as a part.

CNS projection 3, realms levels, above and below

Realms levels, above and below

the human condition 0022 23May17 – conscious experience and self witnessed in projected space



the human condition and reality
– conscious experience and self witnessed, in projected space

Is it about being?
Or is it state of being?

Is it about doing or what we do?
Saying and what is said.

We read,
gawk and talk.

Cognitive conscious experience and self,
our knowing of the world we see
and our seeing when we understand.

With sense of body and the world,
our reality of conscious experience and self is witnessed,
a float within incomplete boundaries and spaces
that open and extend different ways,
in different directions.

Within projection is disassociation that differentiate, displace and locate, into the
the various aspects that make-up or construct our reality.

It is something like the multiplying of cells, as one cell doubles and divides into two cells. Within an organism, cells specialise or differentiate, as particular parts to its whole, and in relation to other parts locate (orientation in space) and in relation with its whole (orientation with whole being).

Our whole includes us, as self or identity, as a part of his or her projected part – we are a part of a projected part of who also has solid body and organ parts, and who is more than the sum of those projected and solid parts.

We are a projected part in a projected reality. It includes as its parts, our inside and outside worlds, our sense of being in them, and the empty spaces that extend between and beyond the disassociated and displaced projected parts.

A whole being of reality
“projects” our reality,
of conscious experience and self

Through the CNS we are displaced,
from whole body and being who is also whole self,

into projection
our placement in space.

Turned inside out, as if it were
from whole body through solid organ,
functioning brain and spine,
to projection
into space projected
disassociated and bundled, twists and loops.

Figure &8
float our bundle through,
corner our realms through levels to depths,
underside, other-side, beyond.

The core is the reference for our upright float
vertical axis to horizons’ float.

The core is the reference for the whole being
and the brain and spine,
CNS’ level and vertical float
an orientation to our projected float.

With sense of axis,
up-righted square with spread
held in Rubix-ed lattice matrix,
captured in space
of lost and bubbled bloat
occupying space.

We present to our whole in referring to his or her core.

Let the hum of nervous activity reach us,
of structure, form, and substance,
the brain’s dome split Left Right,
underside level with horizon,
and vertical spine to nerve roots and tip,
of their float in whole body
as integral organ and part.
(CNS Central Nervous System formerly includes the brain, spine and nerve roots.)

Let us, projected part, be touched
and in our being as projection,
by some thing of our whole maker,
our making and
for being a part.

We are a geometric piece, in our actuality as projection, to an architectural structure, levelled with spread and layered, that is engineered for our piece as part to integrate with its whole, a process of becoming a part.

hc.r Aut3 new moon

tt 23May17
updated 31May17

Gendo Orientation 001a Spr3, 2016


The human condition and reality.

1) Orientation in space
Our reality is projected through the brain and spine or the CNS (Central Nervous System) by the whole self. We occupy space as a part of the whole self, in our “actuality”, our existence in fact in space as projection. The fundamental very make-up of our reality has geometric shape !
2) Orientation with the whole self
Geometry :        The space we occupy in our actuality as projection, has “shape” that is vertically stacked Architectural : and held according to an upright whole being and his or her CNS. Understand your part in Engineered :     your actuality as projected through a CNS of level brain and vertical spine, and your part means there’s a whole.
3) Process of reality
The whole self is of reality and in reality, while we are in projection. Our fundamental truth is what we are, a projected part, which means there’s a whole being. We identify however, in our self and identity and with what we experience. We are isolated in this identification, from our whole. Others, the world, our deepest sense of being, keep us in identification. What we experience, they seem real, and even if they are illusion what else is there?
They are projection. Fundamental, of your reality. And it means there’s your whole being.
Nothing is denied of your reality as you consider your whole. A process of integration ensues, in “conscious experience and self witnessed” of becoming a part and becoming more of a part. The whole is closer for having integrating rather than isolating parts. Your self and sense of others, the world and being a part.   21Nov16 embryo over other end 2ab.jpg



Whilst introspection and tuning into one’s body, feelings and sensations can be a part of healing, self-realisation or growth, they can also isolate us into an internal obsession or struggle, and may cripple our life in the world with others.

Beyond our self and our contexts for our worlds and others, there is no basis for questioning, determining or making sense of what is there of our projected reality. If we find or witness our self identified and engaged or reacting to a particular thing in our experience, that situation may be diffused by referring to the brain-spine as our absolute source, and settled by the whole body.

The self is not the whole body, but a projected part of him or her.

The whole body can be complete.
The whole body may be in harmony with the environment.
The whole body is alive in creation.

A part is invalid without its whole.
A part asserting itself without or in isolation from its whole is worse than invalid.
An isolated part can only be redeemed and validated by the whole it belongs to.

hc and reality 4 : Our reality is cast in space – projected space, that is

It is a grave matter that reality, the solid body in gravity, alive in creation on Earth, is lost and forgotten. As we identify with what we experience in our world of perception, perspective and context, reality is absent except in our concepts and stories, and we are lost from it.

What does it matter? We have our conversations, we can interact with the world through our mind, we are touched emotionally and we can rest between the moments of exhilaration and self confirming stimulation in our somatic or body sense.

Yet, we await for a reckoning, seek more. We may pause in contentment or tell ourselves “it’s ok”, that “this is as good as it gets” or “it’s better than most”, till anxious discontent, restlessness, fear or some desire or despair, drive us to diversional or functional activity.

Not all of us have the opportunity to settle what we may be denying. We face the world from the top of an iceberg of disassociated parts, including nightmares buried deep since childhood, people we know and experience, our hopes and both traumatic and fond memories. These often conflicting parts create hypocrisy, compromise and contradictions the more we hold to our singular consistency, “I’m it and that’s the world out there”.

The human condition is allowed a psychologically healthy amount of denial for sanity, functionality and sociability’s sake, not to mention consistency, straight face and story. But the price we pay is a denial of the whole solid body and being, who is authentic and of whom we may be true as his or her projected part.

The whole body is the one that is named, that others see the light reflected off the surface of. The whole being is the whole human entity, autonomous and touched by the rest of creation. The whole body, whole self or whole being has the true and real breath.

The breath we identify with is of our reality of experience, thought and sense. It is projected by the brain-spine or central nervous system as is the rest of our reality.

Our identity or sense of self is also a brain-spine projection. We are projected in projected space disassociated between conscious, experience, identity and witness. By the witness or reference we are aware of our self and experience. In identifying with our reality, “I’m it and that’s the world out there”, we are cast in our projected space, isolated from the whole self.

We are a part of the whole body, whole being, whole self, but we must understand that we are projected by the brain-spine. It is the first step in changing our isolation from reality identified with what are within our projected reality.

I refer to “our whole” as the whole body rather than my, your or our whole body because the possessive pronouns naturally suggest ownership. Our reality is secondary to “the” (and not “our” because we are a projected product of) central nervous system. We are a part of the whole body only because the brain-spine is an integral part of the whole body.

The whole body is touched by the rest of creation. We exist within the whole body we individually belong to, where that touch by the rest of creation, even our sense of it, is a long way away. The actual whole body is huge in comparison to our reality. As experience, our reality is a mere spec of imagination literally.

While the wonder of creation, its enormity and spontaneity, can be sensed and contemplated within our projected reality, reality of creation for us in projection is the whole body who projects our reality; the whole body in and of creation is creation.

The troubles and turmoil of the world and our own personal struggles are also sensed and contemplated, but what we experience outside and inside are both projected by the brain-spine. The whole body not only contains our insides and out, but encompasses all we experience, including our emotional extremes, and conflicting and contradictory parts. We are released from compromise and hypocrisy when our isolation is broken through our relation with the whole body.

As self we may need a respectable amount of denial, just to think straight and feel functional. But as part of whole self we may be released from this situation. We may drop our “I’m it” pretense and approach the reality of the whole body and creation.  In becoming a part, our confusion, conflict and fear are encompassed and settle as parts, rather than put away.

However, our sense of what we normally consider tangible and direct, is within our projected reality. We cannot be direct in our usual sense just to allow for the mere possibility of the whole body, for he or she is beyond our self, our directness, knowing and unknowing. It is the whole being who is human. The whole body is autonomous and in harmony with the environment. The whole self is true and next to other whole beings.

From within our reality of projected sense and identity, we latch in mind to our thoughts or notions, and what we sense. If I was to sto..p….. mid….. se..n…- …tense a…n…d w…(ord), the mind trips or strains forwards anticipating and left waiting for the next word, syllable or letter. Our breath is cast within the sentences of our thoughts and conversations, with the commas, full stops, exclamation and question marks. Our reality then, is also linguistic, and reality beyond words or notion, and sense, our philosophy and culture, science and technology.

The world we measure, touch and determine, call tangible, regard as objective and consider real, is projected in projected space by the brain-spine. Projected space is our immediate environment. If what is experienced is also actually there in reality, it must exist beyond our projected reality, in creation next to the whole body.

Humanity has questioned whether there is reality beyond our reality of experience, notion and sense, and how would we know, or if it should matter to us in our reality? I repeat, the whole body in and of creation, is creation for us in projection. So then, beyond words, cognition but also sense, how can we relate with the whole body? It cannot be direct, as I have said …… And I hope to write on this further.