The three bodies

The three bodies


“The three bodies” sumi-e ink on Japanese “rice” paper Spring 2, 2013 24cm x 33cm

–        the conscious and its heel
mind body to vertical tear drop
floating erect protozoa

The projected actuality of the conscious, mind and the world we experience are depicted. The heel of our conscious is the conscience, or otherwise the cosmic egg. The mind’s spread reaches across to include our line-up with and facing the world (double circles), and extends down through body sense from spine to the vertical tear drop (our deepest sense of being). The floating erect protozoa, on the right (outer) side is the world we experience.

In relation to a whole body, the three bodies spread across the inside, middle, and outside, centred on the right of the whole body, and the heel of the conscious occupies the inner other side to the left of the mid-line.