I experience the experiencer

In a recent post, I pointed out the multi-point nature of reality and the whole body (being of reality), and the perspectives we hold, in our minds, a point in our projected reality with. Following on from there is the hc and reality in the first person. Poem: “multi-point reality” below.


I am in the human condition, an identity having an experience. There’s what I experience in my mind, and I am conscious of the world. The conscious is conscious of my reality, the world and what I may experience, in the mind, in feeling and being.

The conscious is conscious of the world. They seem to be there before me and my noticing and sensing, before I open my eyes.

The conscious is conscious of both the world outside, inside and me. I am aware of what the witness witnesses.

I may be knowing in my conscious identity (of what the conscious is conscious of), and in my mind identity of what I experience, notice and form notions about. Body, feeling and being are reduced to what I know or notice of them, till integration with my whole and becoming a part, takes me beyond “me and what I know” conscious of mind to knowing- feeling, and to knowing-feeling-being, and generally towards the rest of my projected reality.

I am made of various projected parts and entities that I may sense or be, including those forgotten or subconscious. My entirety is more than the sum of my parts, within a whole being  who is also more than the sum of his parts. My truth is in becoming a projected part, of a whole being including his projected parts (and so my reality).

Before this, I am flawed as a part isolated from its whole, lost identified within the human condition, in what I experience, am, feel and know. The whole self is beyond me and my experience, beyond my knowing and unknowing, feeling, being and my more, my all and all that I may be and am. The whole body encompass my all including “me and my not-me”, “me and my other” in my reality, conscious of and witnessed.

The whole is more complete for having more integrated parts. From having isolated parts, the whole self is more integrated in his being in and of reality.

Ed from original 10Jan15


multi-point reality (a real reference and our self referential perspective)

perspective determine our place in our time,
captured in time, depends on perspective
that point indicated perceived

a point in reality we may identify and discuss,
you and me, many perspectives
reality is multi-point in reality
whole body be multi=point
in and of reality


Original poem 30Dec15, Last 2 lines and title brackets added