Being a part

Being a typical part-ical, yet particular, particle :
we bounce reflexivital off each other, of a common whole.

Quantom phenomenom is being a particle :
When you notice it, “Woops!?”
Reality is another matter :
You in it, are, of it. A part
of a whole, including the noticing, you, in, are, of, and, and it.

The whole is gone, down the hole,
up the hole, side ways through or into the hole …. out? (also back, black, and singularity holes)
Where !!!! am I? A part to all this?
Must be, but separate! (with other parts and the rest)
Being the part, within a whole.

Holes connect dichotomies – me and you, inside out, conscious matter
and open their ends,
to infinity as witnessed (by which aware)
and to infinitely conscious of;
more than dichotomies then with, by witness aware of, and the conscious conscious of.

What is it? What was that?
Aware of, by witness, What it is.
Conscious of, a part.
Time, distance, parts, more, the rest, a whole, an entirety.
Reality is everything, including beyond inclusion (out) and nothing.

Words 1

Words render our world into
representational walls,
we wander around and wonder at,
within our reality.”

Beyond words, try “Experience your self”.

Impossible? Images of a dog running around after its tail, or a snake trying to swallow its own tail, may come to mind.

It is as if we are a part, of an apparatus for having an experience. Like a camera that cannot turn back on itself …..


the human condition 0022 23May17 – conscious experience and self witnessed in projected space



the human condition and reality
– conscious experience and self witnessed, in projected space

Is it about being?
Or is it state of being?

Is it about doing or what we do?
Saying and what is said.

We read,
gawk and talk.

Cognitive conscious experience and self,
our knowing of the world we see
and our seeing when we understand.

With sense of body and the world,
our reality of conscious experience and self is witnessed,
a float within incomplete boundaries and spaces
that open and extend different ways,
in different directions.

Within projection is disassociation that differentiate, displace and locate, into the
the various aspects that make-up or construct our reality.

It is something like the multiplying of cells, as one cell doubles and divides into two cells. Within an organism, cells specialise or differentiate, as particular parts to its whole, and in relation to other parts locate (orientation in space) and in relation with its whole (orientation with whole being).

Our whole includes us, as self or identity, as a part of his or her projected part – we are a part of a projected part of who also has solid body and organ parts, and who is more than the sum of those projected and solid parts.

We are a projected part in a projected reality. It includes as its parts, our inside and outside worlds, our sense of being in them, and the empty spaces that extend between and beyond the disassociated and displaced projected parts.

A whole being of reality
“projects” our reality,
of conscious experience and self

Through the CNS we are displaced,
from whole body and being who is also whole self,

into projection
our placement in space.

Turned inside out, as if it were
from whole body through solid organ,
functioning brain and spine,
to projection
into space projected
disassociated and bundled, twists and loops.

Figure &8
float our bundle through,
corner our realms through levels to depths,
underside, other-side, beyond.

The core is the reference for our upright float
vertical axis to horizons’ float.

The core is the reference for the whole being
and the brain and spine,
CNS’ level and vertical float
an orientation to our projected float.

With sense of axis,
up-righted square with spread
held in Rubix-ed lattice matrix,
captured in space
of lost and bubbled bloat
occupying space.

We present to our whole in referring to his or her core.

Let the hum of nervous activity reach us,
of structure, form, and substance,
the brain’s dome split Left Right,
underside level with horizon,
and vertical spine to nerve roots and tip,
of their float in whole body
as integral organ and part.
(CNS Central Nervous System formerly includes the brain, spine and nerve roots.)

Let us, projected part, be touched
and in our being as projection,
by some thing of our whole maker,
our making and
for being a part.

We are a geometric piece, in our actuality as projection, to an architectural structure, levelled with spread and layered, that is engineered for our piece as part to integrate with its whole, a process of becoming a part.

hc.r Aut3 new moon

tt 23May17
updated 31May17

Reality – a multi-pointed reality

Have you come across a theory of reality like this, a multi -pointed reality?

Reality is like a multi-dimensional grid,
matrix of many separate points connected
by reality’s entirety.
The many points of reality
are each “an unfolding present”.
Reality must be unfolding
like parallel universes but
in infinite separate points,
each a presence present in each/the present,
each unfolding in infinite ways, no less.

The time/space fundamental which,
has not swallowed billiard balls but,
did swallow up gravity with each other.
On the time/space grid of four dimensions
with its bending that warps gravity into play.
Light, time and space, matter and conscious,
and reality is more that the sum of its fundamentals.
But also there are whole entities.

Whole entities of reality maintain
their whole integration in one presence.
A rock, a chair, the sky, a shrine.
A whole living being has even more
of what we call entropy, or
the amazing coincidence of the entity kept together
entirety of its, his or her many fundamental parts
in its, his or her presence and matter, and
being in and of its, his or her present.
Between whole entities there are many points,
infinity of a multi-dimensional grid as described,
each an unfolding present
as each integrated whole also.

Imagine then the relations
between whole presences
in and of its, his or her present.
Each whole of many parts,
integrated into one presence,
to the minute and quantum levels,
each one whole of an unfolding present, and of reality.
Between them a sea of creation,
a grid of many dimensions beyond
billiard balls and the probability of subatomic particles
and the theory of what they are doing.
The happening of reality include
and in its entirety infuse as parts both
whole entities each of many parts and
the more diffuse of the multi-pointed reality.

The mind can deal with billiard balls and
keep up with physics and philosophy,
of how it must be working and what it must be like,
both should (ethics and models) and is (metaphysics of what and theories about),
do (politics and the applied) and insist (morality and technology).
But what reality is is beyond
it-should-work and what-it-must-be-like.

So the whole body, being and self, is a godly being of reality,
a whole being in reality among other wholes,
the whole self more than the sum of his or her parts, and
is the whole body surrounded by the rest of the multi-pointed reality.
Beyond psychedelic insight and transcendental vision
reality is more than seeing, understanding or believing, and
our whole is of it and in it
when we are a part of him, or her.

Our concepts of fundamentals start with billiard balls.
We have pushed it far beyond dust and DNA,
to subatomic particles.
But because we are in the phenomenal world
that is a projected indication of the real world,
the start is wrong, we’re hitting exponential walls
of existential brick.
We have to go beyond conscious experience
and what we think we sense.

The phenomenal world is there for us to experience,
and try to understand,
but the whole body has the sense organs
and the brain and spine to project it,
for us to experience and think it is reality.
We’re a part of our reality.
And our reality is a part of the whole self.
How about we relate with our whole
as his or her part.

The phenomenal world is created and placed by the whole being together with our selves as an identity and what we experience of it. The whole body is exposed to the objective world. He or she in in and of reality and with the sense organs that respond to, what may be called, the phenomenal aspects of the objective world, and rightly and correctly so the noumenon for they are the basis of our phenomenal world and what are in it for us to experience.

The phenomenal world is what we may experience and try to understand, there before we open “our” eyes that we think we open. The whole self has the real eyes and the visual cortex to project vision for us think we see. All that can be said is that we are having an experience of vision, Similarly, the whole body runs and has legs but we think we do, have legs and run. 

The whole self is in reality and is of reality. Our reality with out side and inside can only be a segmented part of a whole, just for being two. There is more, the subject of our inner and outer realities, that us, the identity or self. Our whole as more than the sum of his or her parts, our part in relation with our whole and our whole being of the multi-pointed reality. Where can we go with this?

Gravity grabs out of sight

Resurrecting an oldie. Please comment.

Light takes time but gravity is instantaneous, present.


E=mC2, speed of light squaredxmass =Energy
in the light

gravity grabs
but out of sightgrvity grabs 1 (2)

we flick on the light
and we’re off out in sight
photons and speed of light
determine our relative plight

objective observer is there
awake from quantum slumber
of “observer makes a difference”
but “what can I do”
– being there is a clue

Just like gravity
and rather than a radiance that takes time to reach
the whole body is present
in the present

we are lost in projection
our parameter, perimeter, para-matter)
of our world’s photonic sense
from our eyes

is matter

gravity is presentgrvity grabs 1 (1)
presence is there
is before our time
(of photonic projection)
is creation

The whole body
is true self
whole self
present in creation
is of creation,

and reprogramming
from knowing to unknowing
then a deeper being

The layers of photonic
reckoning in
time and space,
as identity

Orientated with
whole body
solid matter
in gravity

Presence who is
the future and past
the way
and contains our part

Newtonian flight

A2 cons crown curlcurv mind Apr13 2it is a grave matter of gravity that matter be lost with light

frightful reference beamed relative Einstein-ian logic delight

beyond gravity but right despite light Newtonian flight

of whole body matter in and of gravity

in spirit, one with God All creation

time by time moments elapse or flow

moments we capture and piece together

elaborate stories our psychosis life

to life it self

comatose elapses unfolds never the less

more or less of balance and will of you and me and them

for you and me and them

God All creation present in spirit

in each and every one and thing

in and of creation and touched by rest of creation

godly be being of creation whole body be whole self

a voice but be parts representing and pretending

but flowing truth bits of reality never the less

valid as part our disassociated parts

apart from whole self unknowing of whole body lost from spirit

alone from whole being in darkness are we peering into the light

and we be valid as part of creation

only as part of whole body in and of creation

spirited by All creation God

whole human being whole body be whole self

Newtonian flight in gravity