All wholes and parts ed1

Our reality is conscious experience
and self witnessed.

Within our reality is outside and inside,
where we experience
one another, things, the world.

Everything of our reality is a part of a whole being.
Alive next to other wholes in Reality,
he or she is of Reality.

Reality is Entirety, the one and only whole.

You could say Reality is the whole universe,
but unlike the universe which Physicists are trying to understand,
Reality is Everything that include before, during and after time,
beyond and within space, inside and outside inclusion
and any dimension involved or otherwise – string , twisted loop, our whole is of Reality. Life, chemistry, quantum are aspects.

Wholes are more than the sum of their parts.
Wholes are transcendent of their parts.
We are a part of our whole.Poem Straight up JUn17 (5)

Lost aparts

Sydney. A cool wintery day in mid-spring. Welcomed rain may be a sign of a wet La-nina summer to come.


Lost aparts

text and talk
reinforce our gawk
where’s the walk
way home

contexted content, parcelled particle
fielded fields of propagated paganda

words in print incite in mind
text in screen penetrate clean,
save the whales, don’t eat cows
choose what you want, and get your sleep tight

how do you know?
what do you care for?
what do you do?
how do you think to know?

what to click?
push the cursor to
a box to tick?
there’s a mouse
an arm
your neck’s a crick?

Poem Straight up JUn17 (2cc)heads up you’re lined up
from within a head

it’s of the one seated
facing the screen you glean

all is sense within your reality
what makes sense insighted insitu
before there ever was
a screen a head
of you

Pandora's corner 5 j framebut your head
is a clue
inside outside go through you
within your sense, an innocent inner sense,
of a head

all apart lost
but within your whole
surrender sacrifice
present your part
disintegrate in your whole’s embrace

transcendent though
your whole from you
everything of you is a part of your whole

interface less friendly, with change ever user friendly
the cursor you may curse, perhaps even for clicking onto here
everything of you is a part of your whole


Everything of our reality is within our whole, including what we divide self and environment. He or she is more than the sum, of our self, the solid body, and our sense of the world. Our whole is of Reality, touched by the Rest of Reality, of Nature, beyond our sense, is of Wilderness and includes our sense of technology, development and progress.

And Reality, Entirety, the one and only whole, encompasses our part, our whole, all other parts and wholes, and is more than their sum.


Within our reality, we may be in relation with our transcendent whole, and immanent of him or her and Reality, in becoming a part.