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Beyond knowing, beyond understanding

Our knowing and understanding, our world views and causal order, are parts of our reality beyond which are what we do not or cannot know and understand – beyond our mind’s grasp and the reach of our senses.

Our wants and worries also extend beyond those we can know and understand. Our aspirations and ideals, our desires and expectations, our plans and past similarly extend beyond our knowing and understanding.

We keep to what we understand and know and seek more that is yet beyond our reach. Left behind in our wake is our unknowing or not-knowing and what we do not understand.

Denied from our knowing and understanding is our whole being also –
who encompasses both our knowing and understanding, and not, of both our wants and worries,
who is more than the sum of his/her parts,
who includes our self in experience of some of his/her parts,
and who is beyond our knowing and sense, and our unknowing and non–sense.

Our unconditional truth is in being a part of the whole body, created and placed by him/her as projected actuality. In our actuality, we are beyond what we may know or understand.

Know and Understand

towards the hold on gravity

towards the hold on gravity

I don’t understand
why I know and why I don’t know
how I know     how I don’t
why I should
why I should not

It is good to know
right to understand
is it not our truth to

but really understand
how   why
when and where and who

am I
do I
does anyone
should we

Free me
life dare
I stare where
action bespeak
our part

We plan and pretend

and wait
to see it happen

into our future
even hedge
for what ever happens

We are alone
deep within a terrestrial whole
individual and unique
part of life on Earth,
indispensable in and of creation

Our occupation and diversion
fears of death and isolation
Our aloneness, separation and togetherness
sense of connection or belonging
Our understanding and knowing
strength of truth and confusion

The whole body is alive, is, does and will die

In between we may know and understand
and not
and what’s what and not

Being that

a knowing notion,
sensing being
and existence
witnessed by
and conscious of

– me
and my world

a living human,
breathing doing
and presence
acknowledged by
and of creation

– whole body
and the rest of creation

can we be a part of our whole
the whole body
a part of creation

tt4r         19Jun12
Aut3 new moon

ALL the time, lost or in relation with

I post this following comments and reply on a poem

From Acorn To Oak onWas all it took

I’m often lost in a dream (as if it were) identified in projection with what I experience. The difference is like becomming lucid as in a dream, but not just knowing that and willing or being creative in your dream. The whole body is alive and not just dreaming. It is about knowing of (not just about), and then relating with, the whole self who is dreaming many dreams that you-s are in. We are not one identity within our whole, nor our reality a definitive one but of many contrasting, contradicting and conflicting realities, that are parts of a projecting, or creating, placing and carrying (and possibly caring, beyond our understanding), whole being.

The whole body is living in creation, whole being whole self on Earth. She or he is present “ALL the time” in the present “there”, eternal compared to ALL of our space and time, our here and now, our moment between our past and “what’s next” for our presence as being or consciousness.

We are always part of a whole self, and I believe we will always be in projection (by definition if nothing else). The difference is in being touched by the whole body, we are reached by reality in projection, where all other entities can only manifest through the whole body as projected indications – whether placed “in our” outside or in, they are within our projected reality and next to the whole body, if they also exist in reality. And in being touched by reality we become more a part of the whole body, and what begins with our relation with the whole body grows from whence it begins. Boundaries are encompassed in relation with who projects all, of self and other and not, of this side and beyond all boundaries – isolating, dividing, necessary and protective, to be transcended, broken and preserved, for our self as part, and beyond self and many self-s by our whole.

Free as part and asserted as part. Released into our realities, supported as “I’m it” in contrast, assimilation and identification, as part of whole self. It may happen as we fall into sleep or begin to wake, or stop to slow with what’s there and realise “there’s the who”. What’s there is a who – a godly being in creation allows us our dream, to be lost in but also to relate from, as a part in projection with our whole in reality. And behold, as part be held, through more that we think, feel and sense we are and do, our essence be touched by spirit, one essence of our whole and All creation.